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The College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA) selects Academic All-America® teams in 12 programs: Men's Soccer, Women's Soccer, Football, Women's Volleyball, Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Men's At-Large, Women's At-Large, Men's Track & Field/Cross Country and Women's Track & Field/Cross Country. In most Academic All-America programs, a first team, second team and third team are selected in both the University (Division I) and College (Division II, III, NAIA and 2-year) Divisions. In the football programs only, a first team and a second team are selected in both the University (FBS and FCS) and College (Division II, III, NAIA and 2-year) Divisions.

Coastal Carolina University's Academic All-Americas
(34 Individuals - 42 Total Honors)

1978-79: Men's Basketball - Dennis Casey (7th Team)

1981-82: Men's Golf - Dale Zeglin (NAIA)

Softball - Sara Graziano - Infielder (1st Team)

1995-96: Men's At-Large - Tomas Malik - Men's Tennis (1st Team)

1996-97: Men's At-Large - Tomas Malik - Men's Tennis (1st Team); Women's At-Large - Angela Murphy - Track & Field (1st Team)

1998-99: Women's At-Large - Jolene Williams - Track & Field (3rd Team)

2000-01: Women's Volleyball - Jeanne Lambert - Outside Hitter (1st Team); Softball - Sarah Lockett - Infielder (1st Team); Softball - Kristie Pulchinski - Designated Player (3rd Team)

2001-02: Women's Track & Field/Cross Country - Kara Koppel (2nd Team)

2002-03: Women's Track & Field/Cross Country - Kara Koppel (1st Team)

2003-04: Men's Soccer - Joseph Ngwenya - Forward (1st Team); Men's Track & Field/Cross Country - Keith Garramone (2nd Team); Men's Track & Field/Cross Country - Terah Kipchiris (2nd Team); Women's At-Large - Marie Matrka - Women's Tennis (3rd Team)

2004-05: Women's At-Large - Marie Matrka - Women's Tennis (1st Team); Women's At-Large - Line Cordes - Women's Golf (2nd Team)

2005-06: Football - Josh Hoke - Kicker (1st Team); Softball - Meagen Johnson - Utility/Designated Hitter (1st Team)

2006-07: Football - Josh Hoke - Kicker (1st Team); Men's Soccer - Kevin Van Den Berg - Forward (3rd Team); Men's Basketball - Jack Leasure (2nd Team); Men's At-Large - Richard Redding - Men's Tennis (3rd Team)

2007-08: Women's Soccer - Ashleigh Gunning - Midfielder (2nd Team); Men's Basketball - Jack Leasure (1st Team); Women's Track & Field/Cross Country - Felicitas Mensing (2nd Team); Women's Track & Field/Cross Country - Marcie Veitch (3rd Team)

2008-09: Women's Soccer - Ashleigh Gunning - Forward (2nd Team); Women's Soccer - Emily McColl - Midfielder (3rd Team); Women's Track & Field/Cross Country - Marcie Veitch (3rd Team)

2009-10: Baseball - Austin Fleet - Pitcher (1st Team); Volleyball - Jill Nyhof (2nd Team); Women's Basketball - Amanda Stull (3rd Team)

2011-12: Football - Marcus Lott - Safety (2nd Team); Baseball - Tucker Frawley - Catcher (1st Team)

2012-13: Baseball - Justin Creel - Infielder (3rd Team); Women's At-Large - Brittany Henderson - Women's Golf (3rd Team)

2015-16: Football - Alex Ross - Quarterback (2nd Team)

2017-18: Men's Soccer - Henrik Mueller - Midfielder (2nd Team); Men's Basketball - Christian Adams - (2nd Team)

In each program, the CoSIDA membership votes at the District Level and first-team All-District selections advance to the national ballot. Only members of the Academic All-America Committee and the CoSIDA Board of Directors vote at the national level to determine the Academic All-America teams. Athletes who are selected to the District teams should be referred to as Academic All-District, not District Academic All-America. Academic All-America should only be used in reference to athletes who make one of the CoSIDA national teams. The number of All-District teams selected in each program is determined by the number of nominations received. Only first-team All-District selections receive certificates and advance to the national ballot.



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