Coastal Carolina Baseball Ticket Options
Ticket Office Location:
Arcadia Hall
132 Chanticleer Dr. W
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 261954
Conway, SC 29528
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST
843-234-3436 fax

CCU Baseball will be back on campus and in Springs Brooks Stadium for the 2015 baseball season.

A $50 deposit is required for each seat you desire to purchase for the 2015 CCU Baseball season. Deadline to place a deposit to participate in the select-a-seat is Saturday, January 17 at noon.

Your selection of seat preference (Teal, Bronze, Reserved) is NOT guaranteed. Seats will be assigned during the select-a-seat and based on Chanticleer Athletic Foundation (CAF) lifetime priority points and availability.

Season Ticket Cost:

CostTypeMinimum Donation Seat Type Location
$300 *Teal $100 for 2, $250 for 4 padded chairback Box 1-5
$240 *CCU Fac/Staff Teal $100 for 2, $250 for 4 padded chairbackBox 1-5
$225 *Bronze $100 for 4, $250 for 6 padded chairback Sections 104-107 (only part of 104 and 107 is bronze)
$180 *CCU Fac/Staff Bronze $100 for 4, $250 for 6 padded chairback Sections 104-107 (only part of 104 and 107 is bronze)
$150 Reserved   chairback Sections 101-103 and 108-110
$120 CCU Fac/Staff Reserved  chairback Sections 101-103 and 108-110
*Chanticleer Athletic Foundation donation required (donation level depends on number of tickets ordered)

Open house - fans can come to Springs Brooks Stadium to see all of the amenities of the new stadium and help determine where they would like to sit for the season. Open house dates and times are:
Jan. 14-16     9 am to 5 pm Jan. 17     10 am to 12 pm

Select-a-seat -

A select-a-seat will occur on January 20 through January 22 with fans selection time based on their CAF lifetime priority points. If you select the reserved season ticket (which does not require a CAF donation), priority will be given to previous season ticket holders and then based on order date and time.
**CAF donations must be paid prior to the select-a-seat on January 19.**

A CCU Athletics Ticket Office representative will contact you with your selection date and time. If you can not attend, preferences will be accepted during the open house sessions. If fans which to sit together, the lowest priority point total will be used in determining selection order.

Fan 1 has 500 CAF points
Fan 2 has 312 CAF points
If they wish to sit together, they will select in the 312 point slot, not the 500 point slot.