General Athletics Department Fax: 843-349-2893
Adkins Field House Fax: 843-349-2240
General Athletics Department Mailing: P.O. Box 261954, Conway, SC 29528-6054
Overnight Address for Athletics Administration: 132 Chanticleer Drive West, Conway, SC 29526
Overnight Address for Adkins Field House: 935 One Landon Loop, Conway, SC 29526
Overnight Address for The HTC Center: 104 Founders Drive, Conway, SC 29526

Athletic Administration (Fax: 843-349-2893)
Matt Hogue Director of Athletics 843-349-2231
Melissa Todd Administrative Assistant/Director of Athletics 843-349-2231
Cari Rosiek Associate Athletics Director/Student-Athlete Enhancement and SWA 843-349-4126
Dwayne Beam Senior Associate Athletic Director 843-349-2825
Jess Dannelly Associate Athletics Director/Community Outreach 843-349-6699
Mark Mitchell NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative 843-349-2392
Lauren Barker Assistant Athletic Director/Finance 843-349-2824
Bryce Skipper Athletics Business Office Manager 843-349-2253
Athletic Training (Fax: 843-234-3451)
Jeff Pounds Assistant Athletics Director/Sports Performance 843-349-2725
Barry Lippman Associate Athletic Trainer/Rehab Coordinator 843-349-2887
Meghan Campbell Assistant Athletic Trainer 843-349-2740
Erin Christ Assistant Athletic Trainer 843-349-2920
Steven Silversparre Assistant Athletic Trainer 843-349-4184
Uriah Snoberger Assistant Athletic Trainer 843-349-2823
Joshua Sharp Senior Athletic Training Assistant 843-349-2768
Sarah Armstrong Hicks Senior Athletic Training Assistant 843-349-6455
Heidi Haller Athletic Training Assistant 843-349-6455
Alexandra Becker Athletic Training Assistant 843-349-6455
Mario Dalesandro Athletic Training Assistant 843-349-6455
Zach Brigham Athletic Training Assistant 843-349-6455
Keisuke Kagawa Athletic Training Assistant 843-349-6455 kkagawa
Compliance (Fax: 843-349-2893)
AraLeigh Beam Associate Athletics Director/Compliance 843-349-2029
Samantha VanLandingham Director of Compliance 843-349-2976
Ashley Hartert Compliance Coordinator 843-349-6957
Equipment Services
Dan Morphis Equipment Coordinator 843-234-3481
Chris Carter Director of Athletic Apparel 843-349-6518
Event Operations
Bryan Stiles Assistant Athletics Director/Facilities and Operations 843-349-5054
Robby Nicholl Assistant Director for Facilities and Operations 843-349-6916
Taylor Conaty Facilities and Operations Assistant 843-349-6576
Corporate Sales and Partnerships (Fax: 843-349-2893)
Rhett Graham Director for Corporate Sales and Sponsorships 843-349-2771
Taylor Allman Corporate Sales Associate 843-349-5027
Digital Initiatives and Broadcasting (Fax: 843-349-2893)
Alex Souza Assistant Athletic Director/Digital Initiatives 843-349-2268
Dylan Richardson Digital Broadcasting Coordinator 843-349-2568
TBD Marketing Assistant TBD TBD
Spirit Squads
David Almeida Head Cheerleading Coach 843-349-2321
Marla Sage Head Dance Coach NA
Media Relations
Mike Cawood Associate Athletics Director/Media Relations
Media Contact for: Baseball, Football, Men's Golf
Darrell Orand Assistant Director/Media Relations
Media Contact for: Men's Soccer, Men's Basketball, Women's Golf
Chris Henry Assistant Director for Media Relations
Media Contact for: Volleyball (Indoor and Beach), Women's Basketball, Men's Tennis and Women's Tennis
Royce Dunnivan Media Relations Assistant
Media Contact for: Track & Field/Cross Country, Lacrosse and Spring Football
Quentin Reed Media Relations Assistant
Media Contact for: Softball
Speed, Strength and Conditioning
Tony Decker Director of Speed, Strength and Conditioning 843-349-2806
Sonya Woods Director of Olympic Sports for Speed, Strength & Conditioning 843-349-6577
Daniel Medric Asst. Director of Speed, Strength and Conditioning 843-349-4073
Nick White Asst. Director of Speed, Strength and Conditioning 843-234-3445
Matthew Donelson Asst. Director of Speed, Strength and Conditioning 843-349-6502
Nicholas Aloi Asst. Director of Speed, Strength and Conditioning 843-349-6502
Tyler Redding Speed, Strength and Conditioning Assistant 843-349-4073
Student-Athlete Support Services
Jillian Weston Associate Athletics Director/Student-Athlete Support Services 843-349-4178
Brian Alewine Associate Director of Student-Athlete Support Services 843-349-4054
Chris Ariail Academic Advisor/Tutor Coordinator 843-349-4008
Maranda Scott Academic Advisor/Learning Specialist 843-349-6959
Student-Athlete Enrichment
Walter Goffigan Assistant Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Enrichment 843-349-2541
Ticket Office (Fax: 843-234-3436)
Patrick Girard Interim Director of Ticket Operations 843-234-3420
Logan Welch Manager of Sales and Service 843-349-6492
Joe Johns Sales and Service Consultant 843-349-6926
Adkins Field House
Nancy Reeder Administrative Specialist
The HTC Center
Bonnie Neal Administrative Specialist
Baseball (Fax: 843-349-2240)
Gary Gilmore Head Baseball Coach 843-349-2524
Kevin Schnall Associate Head Baseball Coach 843-234-3460
Drew Thomas Assistant Baseball Coach 843-349-2849
Matt Schilling Volunteer Assistant Baseball Coach 843-349-2804
Chad Oxendine Director of Baseball Operations 843-349-2524
Men's Basketball (Fax: 843-349-2973)
Cliff Ellis Head Men's Basketball Coach 843-349-2818
Benny Moss Associate Head Men's Basketball Coach 843-349-2906
Patrice Days Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 843-349-2886
Patrick Blake Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 843-349-2905
Matt Hurt Men's Basketball Director of Operations 843-349-2595
Travis Eaton Video Coordinator 843-349-2812
Women's Basketball (Fax: 843-349-2536)
Jaida Williams Head Women's Basketball Coach 843-349-2931
Vanessa Taylor Associate Head Women's Basketball Coach 843-349-2142
Latisha Luckett Assistant Women's Basketball Coach 843-349-5014
AJ Jordan Assistant Women's Basketball Coach 843-349-2831
Hallie King Assistant Athletic Director for Women's Basketball Operations 843-349-2378
Nick Balestracci Video Coordinator NA
Cross Country/Track & Field
Sandy Fowler Director of Track & Field (Men's and Women's) 843-349-2907
Zola Pieterse Head Men's and Women's Cross Country Coach 843-349-2904
Dionne Henley Assistant Men's and Women's Track & Field Coach 843-349-2061
Mike Embry Assistant Men's and Women's Track & Field Coach 843-349-2070
Ben Yocum Assistant Men's and Women's Track & Field Coach 843-349-2048
Amber Campbell Volunteer Assistant Track & Field Coach NA NA
Alan Connie Volunteer Assistant Cross Country/Track & Field Coach, Head Coach Emeritus NA
Football (Fax: 843-234-3488)
Joe Moglia Head Football Coach, Executive Director of Football Operations and Chairman of the University's Athletic Department 843-234-3487
Jamey Chadwell Associate Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator/QBs 843-349-6605
Marvin Sanders Defensive Coordinator/Corner Backs 843-234-3426
Curt Baldus Defensive Backs-Safeties/Special Teams-Punt Return/Specialists 843-234-3485
Patrick Covington Offensive Line 843-234-3486
Bill Durkin Tight Ends and Tackles/Special Teams-PAT/FG 843-234-3484
Ryan Goodman Linebackers/Special Teams-FG Defense 843-234-3448
T.J. Hollowell Assistant Defensive Line/Ends 843-349-2356
Shawn Howe Defensive Line/Tackles 843-349-6485
Newland Isaac Running Backs 843-234-3482
Willy Korn Wide Receivers/Special Teams-KOR 843-234-3447
George Glenn Chief of Staff and Director of Football Operations 843-349-5046
Rick Mueller Executive Director of Player Personnel 843-349-6467
Jill Kingston Executive Assistant 843-234-3487
Louis Francois Director of Technology and Assistant Recruiting Coordinator 843-349-2763
Judy Cooley Office Assistant 843-349-6477
Men's Golf
Jim Garren Head Men's Golf Coach 843-349-2902
Jeremy Alcorn Assistant Men's Golf Coach 843-349-2558
Women's Golf
Katie Quinney Head Women's Golf Coach 843-349-2850
Courtney Gunter Assistant Women's Golf Coach 843-349-6495
Kristen Selvage Head Lacrosse Coach 843-349-6606
Katie Frederick Assistant Lacrosse Coach 843-349-2952
TBD Assistant Lacrosse Coach TBD TBD
Men's Soccer
Shaun Docking Head Men's Soccer Coach 843-349-2803
Kyle Russell Associate Head Men's Soccer Coach 843-349-2910
Kyle Timm Men's Soccer Assistant Coach 843-349-2775
Women's Soccer
Paul Hogan Head Women's Soccer Coach 843-349-2859
Carrie Patterson Assistant Women's Soccer Coach 843-349-2418
H.B. Lockwood Assistant Women's Soccer Coach/Goalkeepers 843-349-6553
Softball (Fax: 843-349-2817)
Kelley Green Head Softball Coach 843-349-6647
Danielle Penner Associate Head Softball Coach 843-349-4115
Kristin Erb Assistant Softball Coach 843-349-6621
Jordan Caffrey Director of Softball Operations 843-349-4059
Men's Tennis
Chris Powers Head Men's Tennis Coach 843-349-2661
TBA Assistant Men's Tennis Coach TBA TBA
Nic Planchard Volunteer Assistant TBA TBA
Women's Tennis
Catherine Hewitt Head Women's Tennis Coach 843-349-6614
TBD Assistant Women's Tennis Coach TBA TBA
Indoor Volleyball
Jozsef Forman Head Indoor Volleyball Coach 843-349-2814
Dottie Hampton Assistant Volleyball Coach 843-349-6665
CJ Allard Assistant Volleyball Coach 843-349-2842
TBA Director of Volleyball Operations TBA TBA
Beach Volleyball
Steve Loeswick Head Beach Volleyball Coach 843-349-4023
Chanticleer Athletic Foundation
Chris Johnson Executive Director 843-349-2466
Ashleigh Alcorn Director of Major Gifts 843-349-6687
Michael Jacobs Director of Development 843-234-3428
Kelly Moore Director of Development 843-349-6610
Donna Haug Administrative Coordinator 843-349-6670



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