Beach Volleyball Concludes Regular Season


April 15, 2017

CONWAY - The Coastal Carolina beach volleyball team finished off its regular season schedule Saturday afternoon with the last two matches of Coastal's inaugural beach volleyball tournament.

The Chants suffered losses in both matches, falling to Jacksonville 3-2 and North Florida 4-1 to close the season with a 1-15 overall record, and 0-10 ASUN mark.

Match 1 vs. Jacksonville
Coastal's first and fourth pairings provided the Chants' points against Jacksonville.

Natasa Savovic and Tahleia Bishop won their third match of the weekend on the top court, defeating Morgan Dees and Megan Widener 21-17, 22-20.

The fourth court saw a 21-16, 21-17 victory by Autumn Otto and Aleksandra Djuric over Katie Krawczyk and Vanessa Richards.

The Dolphins' points were won by Mackenzie Swan/Cristina Finana (No. 2), Shelby Babwicz/Natalie Wehner (No. 3) and Hanna McMahon/Jizzyan Gesualdo (No. 5).

Match 2 vs. North Florida
Coastal's lone point once again came from Savovic/Bishop as Coastal's top pairing finished the weekend unbeaten in four matches at No. 1.

UNF owned the remaining four courts, however, winning in straight-sets on all four.

Jacksonville 3, Coastal Carolina 2
1. Bishop, Tahleia/Savovic, Natasa (COASTAL) def. Morgan Dees/Megan Widener (JU) 21-17, 22-20
2. Mackenzie Swan/Cristina Finan (JU) def. Boothe, Sara/Davis, Katie (COASTAL) 21-12, 21-17
3. Shelby Babowicz/Natalie Wehner (JU) def. Ladewig, Shelby/Mierzwa, Mika (COASTAL) 20-22, 22-20, 15-13
4. Otto, Autumn/Djuric, Aleksandra (COASTAL) def. Katie Krawczyk/Vanessa Richards (JU) 21-16, 21-17
5. Hanna McMahon/Jizzyan Gesualdo (JU) def. Federico, Kate/Mandic, Iva (COASTAL) 17-21, 21-15, 15-11

Match Notes:
Jacksonville 7-17, 2-8 ASUN
Coastal Carolina 1-14, 0-9 ASUN

North Florida 4, Coastal Carolina 1
1. Bishop, Tahleia/Savovic, Natasa (COASTAL) def. Katarina RAICEVIC/Courtney MILLER (UNF) 21-19, 19-21, 15-11
2. Kimberly FERGUSON/Carina HOFF (UNF) def. Davis, Katie/Boothe, Sara (COASTAL) 21-16, 21-12
3. Lauren GAINER/Chaney HOWARD (UNF) def. Mierzwa, Mika/Lulic, Dora (COASTAL) 21-13, 21-9
4. Gabby O'CONNELL/Brittany PASE (UNF) def. Otto, Autumn/Djuric, Aleksandra (COASTAL) 21-15, 21-15
5. Nicole DeBOLT/Shannon McPHERSON (UNF) def. Federico, Kate/Mandic, Iva (COASTAL) 21-11, 21-17

Match Notes:
North Florida 12-12, 5-5 ASUN
Coastal Carolina 1-15, 0-10 ASUN



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