Coastal Drops a Pair at UNCW


March 18, 2017

Final Stats

WILMINGTON, N.C. - The Coastal Carolina beach volleyball team (0-3) fell by matching 4-1 margins in a pair of matches at UNC Wilmington Saturday afternoon.

Match One Coastal's lone point in the opening match came on the third court, where Sara Boothe and Carla Cahill notched their first win of the season against Maddy Kline and Raquel Rooney, 12-21, 21-19, 19-17.

The Seahawks claimed the remaining four courts, with the first, second and fourth decided in straight sets.

Iva Mandic and Shelby Ladewig won the opening set on the fifth court, 21-17, but could not hold onto the lead as Courtney Mullinax and Bella Borgiotti rallied to win the next two.

Match Two The second match featured a win by Coastal's top pairing of Natasa Savovic and Tahleia Bishop. The duo earned their second victory of the season, topping Nicole Lott and Tanna Aljoe in straight sets, 21-16, 21-15.

UNCW won the remaining four points, however, winning by straight sets on the third, fourth and fifth courts.

The No. 2 match featured an opening-set win by Aleksandra Djuric and Katie Davis, 24-22, before Emily Corrigan and Katie McCullough claimed the second and third to take the point.

Coastal returns to action March 29 to play its first ASUN conference matches in a doubleheader at Mercer.

UNCW 4, Coastal Carolina 1
1. Tanna Aljoe/Nicole Lott (UNCW) def. Savovic, Natasa/Bishop, Tahleia (COASTAL) 21-16, 21-14
2. Katie McCullough/Emily Corrigan (UNCW) def. Djuric, Aleksandra/Davis, Katie (COASTAL) 21-19, 21-15
3. Boothe, Sara/Cahill, Carla (COASTAL) def. Maddy Kline/Raquel Rooney (UNCW) 12-21, 21-19, 19-17
4. Sydney Alvis/Sarah Kelly (UNCW) def. Mierzwa, Mika/Otto, Autumn (COASTAL) 21-11, 21-13
5. Courtney Mullinax/Bella Borgiotti (UNCW) def. Mandic, Iva/Ladewig, Shelby (COASTAL) 17-21, 21-14, 15-10

Match Notes:
Coastal Carolina 0-2
UNCW 5-2

UNCW 4, Coastal Carolina 1
1. Savovic, Natasa/Bishop, Tahleia (COASTAL) def. Nicole Lott/Tanna Aljoe (UNCW) 21-16, 21-15
2. Emily Corrigan/Katie McCullough (UNCW) def. Djuric, Aleksandra/Davis, Katie (COASTAL) 22-24, 21-14, 15-12
3. Maddy Kline/Raquel Rooney (UNCW) def. Boothe, Sara/Cahill, Carla (COASTAL) 21-11, 21-14
4. Sydney Alvis/Sarah Kelly (UNCW) def. Otto, Autumn/Mierzwa, Mika (COASTAL) 21-16, 21-13
5. Halle Hunt/Kati Smith (UNCW) def. Lulic, Dora/Mandic, Iva (COASTAL) 21-19, 21-12

Match Notes:
Coastal Carolina 0-3
UNCW 6-2



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