Chants Lacrosse Blog #3: Jen Koss


Dec. 3, 2012

CONWAY - Throughout the fall and spring, various Chanticleers will be posting blog updates, giving fans an inside look at the inaugural season of Chanticleer women's lacrosse. This post comes from sophomore attacker Jen Koss.

Hey there Chants friends and family!

Our fall ball play days have been over for a month now, but let me tell you, November was still an action-packed month!  We used this month to not only continue practicing lacrosse, but also to do some major conditioning and lifting...getting speedy and buff!  Our days with the strength and conditioning coaches are never dull. Tug-of-War (Coach Matt's team always took home the gold), tire flips, and "moving mountains" were some of the fun activities we did this month to keep in shape.   Every week, practice involved various competitions. We were split into groups of five and six, and if your team had the most points by the end of the week, you got to draft players for the following week's competitions. You might get drafted for your speed, muscles, shot placement, or ability to build a gingerbread house.

Of course with the unpredictable weather of fall in South Carolina, there were days when the rain proved to be too much to be able to practice outside. But did we let that stop us? Heck no! We hit up the Williams Brice Gym for a mini basketball tournament.  Morgan Gott and Nyra Constant's fresh kicks were definitely intimidating.  Almost as intimidating as when Lily Yednock, Ashley Manford, Cass Meaney, Kimmy DeLonge, Rachel Ferrara, and Charlotte O'Leary took the court decked out in NBA basketball jerseys and sweatbands.  Straight ballers.  However, despite the flashy attire, it's safe to say we should all stick to the sport of lacrosse.  Pictures from our day spent as ballers can be found on our team's Facebook page!

Another awesome thing about the athletic department here at Coastal is we are always finding ways to give back, and of course, compete! Coastal Athletics is participating in a Food Drive competition amongst the Big South Conference. Not only are we competing against other Big South schools, but also against our fellow CCU teams as well. Carrying out the Champions For Life motto, your Coastal Women's Lacrosse team is participating, and in it to win it!  You can definitely find Cass Meaney hitting up Walmart buying 20 lb bags of rice on a Tuesday night. Go big, or go home. We are so excited to help out the community and show the other sports and schools what Coastal Women's Lacrosse can really do!  

The morning we left for Thanksgiving Break, we once again showed off our versatile athleticism by taking on the sport of two-hand touch football to get in some fun conditioning.  Coach Jones split us up into teams and let me tell you...if Mckynsey Douglas or Keri White was on your team, you lucked out.  McKynsey was full of aggression and speed, and Keri was all about those interceptions and TDs.  It was a great way to kick off Thanksgiving Break and we all learned new not to trust Coach Matt as your QB because he never remembers who is on his team, and he throws the ball to the wrong players.

Thanksgiving Break was an excellent time full of stuffed bellies and quality bonding with the family, but boy did we miss our Chants Lax family big time!  Group hugs were a necessity when we all returned to practice last week.  We're not quite sure how we're going to make it a month apart for Winter Break!

Our last two days of fall practice were spent playing Teal vs. Bronze scrimmages.  Bronze came up with the win on the first day, but T-T-T-Teal redeemed themselves the next morning during our final "Power Bun Wednesday." What is this you may ask? It is when the entire team rocks the ever so awkward, but classy, double bun hairstyle.

Then Thursday came and we were ready to start our holiday cheer!  Our final day together this semester was spent at a fashionably early 7:30 a.m. holiday-themed meeting in our spacious locker room.  Bring on the ugly sweaters and tacky accessories, because we went ALL OUT.  Coach Christie even sported a lovely pair of soft velvet Santa shorts.  We then constructed gingerbread houses in our same competition teams from the week. We were responsible for coming up with a theme and then had to build them. The themes chosen were the Wizard of Oz, a hippie tree house, Up!, and Winter Wonderland.  Although the Up! and hippie tree houses went through some serious structural damage when time came to show it off, all houses still looked fabulous! We also took our team holiday photo in our extravagant, festive attire...expect to see nothing less than a tasteful group of festive laxers. 

Although we'll for sure miss our team over winter break, we can't wait to sit back, relax, sip on some hot cocoa, spend time with our family and friends back home once again and maybe see some snow!? That's after we study our tails off for finals of course.

We are getting more and more eager to begin Coastal's first official lacrosse season in 2013.  Make sure you come out to support us in our first home game on Friday, February 15th against Cincinnati!  We can't wait to get back from break to begin our spring season and allow the sock and goggle tan lines to once again shine!

Merry Laxmas and Happy Holidays from our Chanticleer family to yours!


Much love from Chants Lax,

Jen Koss, #8



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