Chants Lacrosse Blog #2: Lily Yednock


Oct. 30, 2012

CONWAY - Throughout the fall and spring, various Chanticleers will be posting blog updates, giving fans an inside look at the inaugural season of Chanticleer women's lacrosse. This post come from sophomore midfielder Lily Yednock.

Hello everyone from sunny Conway!

Glad you’re back for more of the inside scoop of Chanticleer women’s lacrosse.  I have so much to update you on from these past couple of weeks, so sit back and enjoy! 

We had an incredible weekend, with the arrival of our loving and always supportive families (we miss you already), and we hosted our first play day, which was complete with beautiful weather, great competition, and new faces.

We kicked off the weekend with a tremendous team tailgate right before we all cheered on the Chanticleer football team against a highly ranked opponent, Stony Brook.  We were able to produce a lot of noise with our custom CCU thunder sticks, and I’m pretty sure Kimmy DeLonge broke hers from hitting them together so hard.  Lay off the weights Kimbo. 

The next morning, in preparation for our first home play-day, we started off with an epic dance party in our new, gigantic locker room!  Many of us had our full sweat suits on but by the end of the dance party we had stripped down to our shorts and pennies.  We were more than ready to take on opponents Stetson, Campbell, and Presbyterian. 

We improve noticeably each time we take the field and we played extremely aggressive on the defensive side, with Stephanie Torosian coming up with some clutch saves.  Overall, our day of competition left us with a lot to be proud of.  We are a team with tremendous heart and hustle.  After a long day of playing, an ice bath was much needed.  Kaitlyn Trodden and Paige Timberg helped talk me through the agony of losing all feeling in my legs, as I was convinced I was suffering from hypothermia. 

During our weekend off from lacrosse, campus seemed like a ghost town with many of us back at home.  Even though we were apart for only one weekend, it’s incredible the hole you feel without your teammates around you everyday.  We certainly are blessed to have such a great family here at Coastal. 

With the fall weather slowly trickling in, our bikini tan lines are unfortunately fading away, but our penny and sock tan lines still remain and are more prominent than ever.  Not to mention the killer bruises on our arms that I like to refer to as “lax tats.” 

As we make way for our last week of fall ball and prepare for the Duke play day, Coach Jamie Sellers surprised us all with a competitive practice filled with Teal vs. Bronze challenges that included dodge ball, a staring contest, and who could make the tallest human pyramid.  A full three points were at stake for the winners.  Needless to say, my team, Teal, swept the board in all three challenges.  A big shout out to Mckynsey Douglas who has a sniper for an arm, knocking girls out left and right on the dodge ball court.  Also, the start of a new tradition emerged… POWER BUN WEDNESDAY.  If you haven’t seen the pictures of us on Facebook, you should definitely check them out!  It’s a tough call, but Keri White has been given the honor of having the best power buns of the team. 

We have a long and exciting week ahead of us as we head to Durham for some tough competition Saturday, followed by our team’s Halloween party on Wednesday. We’re having a costume competition within our independent development groups, which consists of five to six girls.  I have a feeling that the winners will have bragging rights for the rest of the year.  I can’t reveal any of our costume ideas, but let me just say my group is going to be a strong contender. 

Be sure to check back again in the next few weeks for what I’m sure will be some memorable stories!  Friends, family, fans and strangers - thanks for stopping by and you stay classy.

Lots of Chanticleer lax love,


Lily Yednock



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