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Blog posts will provide an inside look at Chanticleer women's lacrosse


The Chants open fall practice

Oct. 10, 2012

CONWAY - The Coastal Carolina women's lacrosse team has started its fall practice schedule. Throughout the fall and spring various Chanticleers will be posting blog updates, giving fans an inside look at the inaugural season of Chanticleer women's lacrosse. The first post comes from freshman defender Kaitlyn Trodden.

Hey Chants fans! Are you ready for the first season of Chanticleer Women's Lacrosse? Well WE ARE!!

It's been such an exciting fall season so far! It basically felt like Christmas at the end of August as we received sneakers, sticks, shorts, shirts, etc. But what's wrong with that? With all the excitement of being on your own, getting all this new equipment, starting classes and practice, it was a lot to get used to (especially with the beach 10 minutes down the road!). With twenty-two freshman, three sophomores, one junior, and one senior, a majority of us are all doing these things for the first time! We all get by everyday with the help of our teammates and the amazing support staff here at our program. Without these people we would have been lost by day one, so I would like to give a special thanks to head coach Jamie Sellers, assistant coach Christie Kaestner, athletic trainer Tom Halley, strength and conditioning coach Taylor Jones, academic advisor Brendan Danker, and our various administrators.

Before our first practice of the fall season got underway, we had a team scavenger hunt (it was pretty competitive not going to lie)! Some of the items on our list were: teach a stranger a stick trick, get a copy of the Chanticleer (the university newspaper), and climb the rock wall at the new HTC center. We had an hour to complete and collect about 15 things (and it couldn't have been a hotter day...). Group 4 (Jen Koss, Keri White, Maddi Ciardi, and Kayla Wynne) was the winner of the 1st annual Chants lax scavenger hunt. Thanks to all the players for the pictures you can find on our Facebook page, Coastal Carolina Women's Lacrosse (Like us!). The following weekend we had a Teal vs. Bronze cook off challenge at Coach Seller's house (Teal and Bronze are two separate squads within our team in which we compete throughout the year for points). Bronze swept the competition with a 3-course meal of grilled bacon wrapped pineapple as an appetizer, lemon chicken with capers and artichoke as an entrée, and for dessert, chocolate dipped fruit. Each team was graded on presentation, creativity, taste, and teamwork. Who knew that some of us were iron chefs in the kitchen?!

Along with our fun activities, we like to give back to our community and school as well. Ten of the girls on the team signed up for the LIFE (Learning Is For Everyone) program. This program is an opportunity Coastal provides to students with various types of disabilities to live a normal college student life. Our job as volunteers is to guide them as social mentors. The students come to our study hall Thursday nights and we try to help them with their homework; however, Chip, one of the students, insists on having a dance party every time because he "doesn't have homework" (I guess the girls are good dancers?). We also participated with other Coastal athletes in the Pee Dee Elementary School supply drive and collected school supplies for the children. We are also doing the same for the Thanksgiving food drive for Horry County next month.

 It was soon "one sleep" until our first play-day at Winthrop University! We rolled up in two white vans while Coach Sellers was pimped out with a few players in a black Ford Explorer. On the way there, Coach Kaestner's van was begging for a pit stop for the restroom. When we finally stopped some girls were in tears of joy (well I know Paige Timberg was). When we arrived at Winthrop it was finally our first time on the field together. That Saturday we played Winthrop, Erskine and Liberty. Overall it was a great day with some things that need improving, but hey, practice makes perfect! The bus ride home was definitely... interesting shall I say. We jammed out to old school hits like The Spice Girls and yet again showed off our outrageous dance skills to the other vans. The next day was rainy and definitely a good day to rest our bodies with another long week ahead of us.

 It was not long until "one sleep" was upon us again and we were off to High Point. But before we could get that last night of sleep Jamie recommended a team ice bath and BURRRR it was cold. That night the upperclassmen hosted a pasta party at Kirsten Haines house and although Lily Yednock was accused of burning the Italian bread, she is luckily still standing. This time we were all riding in style in the new teal, black, and bronze Coastal charter bus. Our opponents for the day were Guilford, High Point, and Longwood. Before we could fall asleep on the bus we all scarfed down bagels and were soon out like lights- you could have probably heard a pin drop. Soon enough we were popping up one by one with our game faces on. When we stepped off the bus it felt like we were in Antarctica. But hey, Coach Kaestner's long time friend Caroline asked her, "why are all of your players so tan?" Pays off to live in Myrtle Beach eh?! Oh, by the way, if you ever get a chance ask Jen Koss to see the picture she snapped of Kimmy DeLonge- you'll know how cold it was by her facial expression (LOL)! Our three games were definitely upbeat and high paced. I can say for myself that I give full credit to our goalies (Steph Torosian and Trista Kuehn) for ever deciding to be a goalie. I blocked a shot with my thigh unintentionally, and boy, you should see this bruise!

But before we headed back to Coastal we had a very special plan: to stop at Chipotle, since there isn't one here in Myrtle. The girls have been craving this Mexican grill, especially Rachel Ferrara and Kasey Griese, who shed tears when they got theirs in their hands. Kasey obviously took home the left overs (doesn't surprise me). After dealing with our food comas, Charlotte O'Leary and I performed a duet. Our song selection was "Breaking Free" from High School Musical selected by Coach Kaestner up front on the microphone. After that we all settled down and were soon back on campus after a 15-hour long day. Also, our locker room is finally open and ready to be used! We've been waiting for this day since the first day of practice (maybe everyone's rooms won't smell like feet anymore)! We have another week of practice until we host the first ever CCU Women's Lacrosse Playday this Sunday, October 14th, here on campus!!

Hope to see all our fans this weekend! So long for now and check in soon for some more updates! GO CHANTS!


Kaitlyn Trodden, #16



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