Tailgating & Parking information

2013 Student Tailgating

Tailgating Areas & Map

Any and All Coastal Carolina Students who wish to tailgate are welcome in the designated Student Tailgating area - the parking lot for Brittain Hall and the grass area outside Track & Field Facility.

  • Tailgating begins 4 hours prior to the kick-off of the game.
  • Tailgating with tents must be set up in the grass area outside the Track & Field facility.
  • Cars with Student Parking decals will be allowed into the Student Tailgate area.
  • No parking on the grass.
  • You may tailgate at parking spaces within Brittain Hall Parking lot.
  • CCU Athletics is not responsible for personal items in your tent on gameday.
  • Please keep our campus clean and green. Trash goes in either yellow or blue roll carts that are labeled "Trash Only." Recycling goes in either green roll carts that are labeled "Recyclables Only" OR blue recycling racks with clear bags.
  • No power is provided at the Tailgate location.

Alcohol Consumption Regulations

Fans that choose to consume alcohol prior to the game must follow these guidelines:

  • Individuals of legal drinking age, alcohol consumption is allowed while tailgating in designated areas on the CCU campus. Individuals must provide their own alcohol.
  • Alcohol must be served in self-provided paper or plastic cups. For safety reasons, open containers, kegs, glass bottles and aluminum cans are not allowed.
  • The consumption of alcohol cannot take place until 4 hours prior to kickoff.
  • All individuals who are twenty-one (21) years of age or older and intend to consume alcoholic beverages may be required to present identification.

The sale of alcohol on the CCU campus is not allowed.

Responsible and appropriate behavior is required when consuming alcohol on the CCU campus. Inappropriate behavior may result in sanctions by law enforcement authorities and forfeitures of tailgating privileges.

Grilling Regulations Gameday isn't quite gameday without a barbeque. On gameday, tailgating will occur on all open, paved surface lots on The Chantourage Alley. Before you fire up the grill, please note the following grilling guidelines:

  • Electric, charcoal and propane/butane grills can be used in all tailgating areas.
  • For everyone's safety, fire extinguishers are required when grilling on campus.
  • Grilling should cease one-half hour before kickoff.



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