CCU Football Presser (Montana) & Where to Watch

#11 Coastal Carolina faces #4/5 Montana in the second round of the NCAA Division I Championship


Denzel Rice has a Big South-best 12 pass break-ups this season, which also ties Josh Norman and Quinton Teal for the CCU record.

Dec. 4, 2013

Football Press Conference (Dec. 4)

#11 Coastal Carolina at #8 seed and #4/5 Montana
NCAA FCS Championship 2nd Round
Saturday - Dec. 4 - Noon / 2 pm (ET)
Missoula, Mont. - Washington-Grizzly Stadium

Link to ESPN3 (where available)
The game, as well as all second round FCS playoff games, will be on ESPN GamePlan as well. Pricing determined by the cable/satellite provider. For more information, visit: ESPN GamePlan)

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Coastal Carolina to Host Watch Party at The HTC Center Coastal Carolina will host a viewing party at The HTC Center, showcasing the Chanticleers' second-round FCS playoff game at #4 Montana. The party is free and open to the public. Doors to The HTC Center open at 1:30 pm and the game is set to begin at 2 pm. Each CCU student attending will receive a food voucher to be redeemed at the concession stands. Concessions may be purchased by the general public.

Also, fans seeking an alternative can watch the game at Cleat Chasers next to Coastal Carolina's campus or at Buffalo Wild Wings in Carolina Forest.

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Head Coach Joe Moglia

"Does their offense resemble yours at all? Is that a factor?"
"It resembles ours in the sense that we think that from a defensive perspective we are expecting them to go into the game with the ability to run and pass. We know they can do that. Whether they begin running the ball or whether they begin doing something else that's up to them. We have to be prepared for both. That's why we have to know our reads. Our reads will tell us what our priorities are, and when and where we should be moving. As long as we do that and understand our threats, I think we ought to be okay. They have a different type of offense, running power and some other different things, but yes, we are similar in that we both run and pass the ball effectively."

"How have you been preparing in practice for the weather?"
"Well, we can't make it colder than it is here. We have been practicing with cold balls, and we are trying to do the best we can to simulate the noise. The noise level is probably greater than South Carolina. It's probably greater than Liberty. We have been doing a lot more in the stadium for sound purposes. There is not a whole lot else we can do as far as the weather goes."

"Can you tell me your travel plans and how differently the player will dress than they do out here?"
"We want to do layered clothing. We are looking at warmers, just looking at different things. We want to be able to have also some skin cream that also helps with insulating body heat. We are doing all of those things. We are going to have fleece jackets for the guys. We are going to have heaters on the sideline. Instead of water and Gatorade, we might have chicken broth as well at halftime for the guys. We are also going out earlier. That is how we are approaching it."

"I think when you are used to playing in cold weather, that's an advantage. There isn't any question about that. That's an advantage for them. We know that and we have to prepare understanding that and that's why we are trying to focus on the science behind retaining body heat, etc."

"Last year was the first year for this program that they have made it that far. Do you see any difference this year; maybe a little more confidence or the mindset of players having already been there?"
"I think our attitude is, we are well aware it's the second round of the playoffs. We are well aware there are only a handful of teams left. I think the fact that we have been there gives us a little bit of confidence, but at the end of the day we are playing another football team, there is more at stake and they are a very good football team. So, the preparation is the same, but I think that the fact that we have a little bit more experience, successful experience at the national playoffs, helps a little."

Junior CB Denzel Rice

"Denzel, with their passing attack, what kind of challenge is this going into the game?"
"This is just a new challenge we take on every week. We go into the game just game planning every day. We just try to win every day. Going into the game, we are going to have the same game plan as we do every week and that is to win."

"What's the biggest thing that has challenged you guys this year?"
"At the beginning I was saying it was lack of discipline because we were such a young group, but, as we gelled together, it became more of an focus issue. So now, we have more confidence going into this game just because we have a little bit more experience."

"Do you like playing in cold weather? And what is the coldest you have ever played in?"
"I don't like playing in cold weather, but it makes no difference. If I am going out there to play a football game, I have to do what I have to do. The coldest I have ever played in was probably Stony Brook of 2011 of my freshman year."

Sophomore TE Thomas Pauciello

"Do you like playing in cold weather? And what is the coldest you have ever played in?"
"The coldest I have ever played in was Stony Brook as well. I have also played in other cold games being from Connecticut. I have probably played in low teens. I don't mind in it since I have played in it my whole life I am pretty much used to it."

"Does it make you a different team? All of the sudden there is a stadium full of more people and it is just colder than you are used to. Does that make any difference in what you can do and how you move around?"
"I think yeah it has a lot to do with the physicality, but it is also a lot mental. If you tell yourself you're going to be alright even though it's cold, if you put your mind to it you're going to be alright. Most of our players being from South Carolina aren't used to the cold weather I would say, but once we get up there and moving around we will be alright.

"I am sure the experience (of playing in the second round of the playoffs versus a top team) from last year will help us out a little bit. Although, last year we lost in this round so we are just trying to get further than last year. We are trying to keep this thing going. We don't want our season to end yet."



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