Weekly Coastal Football Press Conference (Charleston Southern Game)

Coastal Carolina plays for a Big South Championship; Kickoff set for 3:30 pm


Akeem Wesley is one of 17 seniors who will be honored Saturday prior to Coastal Carolina's regualr-season finale versus Charleston Southern.

Nov. 14, 2012

Coastal Carolina Football
Press Conference Quotes - Charleston Southern Week
Nov. 14, 2012

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Participants: Marcus Whitener, Akeem Wesley, Pat Williams, David Duran and Head Coach Joe Moglia

What's the feeling of a second chance been like for you guys?
Akeem Wesley: It's been an awesome feeling to see how blessed we were to start off not so well but to come through in conference time and perform at a high point. (The offense is making) sure that everyone gets involved and just play together as a team, like a whole, like we've been working on this whole time.

Is there a renewed focus in the locker room like you've never seen out of the guys?
Marcus Whitener: We're a pretty loose team. Everybody is focused, but we're not like pressed or anything. We've just got to go out and handle business like the coaches have been stressing. We have to handle business and that's the mentality that we have. We are not real pressed about the game or anything. We feel like if we come out and handle business, we'll be okay.

What was it like on the bus on Friday when you find out the result of that game?
Marcus Whitener: There were a lot of cheers. Everybody was just happy. There was a lot of dancing and singing. People were just enjoying the moment.

How good is this offense right now?
Akeem Wesley: We've got a powerful offense. There is a lot of talent all around, from the starters all the way down to the third and fourth string. Anyone that you put in is capable to go out there and make plays. We've just been doing that lately. Everybody has been getting a lot of touches and a lot of playing time. We've been spreading the ball around, making sure that everyone is getting their hand on the ball and showcasing the talent of the offense.

Go through the process of getting to know Coach Patenaude and how getting used to his offense and how you guys are playing now.
Pat Williams: He's been preaching to grind all year. First, you know, we were just like grind, okay. But now, we really know what it means and we've been running the ball very well as of late. Everybody has bought in to what he's selling us, and that has contributed a lot to our success this year. David Duran: Week by week we have been getting better, and I think that we are peaking at the right time. We're just going to continue to try to get better on offense and continue to peak.

If you guys do get in, with the way you are playing right now, what do you think is possible in the post season?
David Duran: Well, anything is possible once you get into the playoffs. It's a new season. I feel like we are peaking at the right time, so hopefully we will get the opportunity to play in the playoffs.

Head Coach Joe Moglia's Opening Statement:
That (Liberty beating Stony Brook) was a great, great, great upset on Stony Brook's part. On Liberty's part, I think Stony Brook had a better team. I think they truly were one of the best teams in the country. When we played Liberty though, I think that was a great game for us. I think Liberty is a good football team. They haven't had a great record, but I think that Liberty is a good football team. I couldn't have been prouder of the way our guys played against Liberty, and Liberty clearly had a hell of a game against Stony Brook. Now, I will point this out. Stony Brook did almost have 100 yards in penalties and had six turnovers, five interceptions and a fumble. They made a lot of hay out of that. Against us they had minimal penalties and zero turnovers. We had one. So, by the way, when you did talk about upsets, you do talk about how you never know what happens. You start turning the ball over, ball bounces the wrong way, etc. those things can happen. I can't imagine if Coastal Carolina were to play the New York Giants and the New York Giants had six turnovers against us and 100 yards of penalties, we would probably have a game. They would beat us, but it would be more of a game.



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