#9/11 CCU Weekly Football Press Conference (SENIOR DAY - Presbyterian)

Kickoff is 1 pm and the game will be on ESPN3. Come early to honor the 2013 CCU Senior Class


Nov. 13, 2013

Football Press Conference (Nov. 13)

#9/11 Coastal Carolina vs Presbyterian
Saturday - Nov. 13 - 1:00 pm
Conway, S.C. - Brooks Stadium

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Saturday is Youth day and Community Appreciation Day. Adults can purchase tickets for $10 and Youth for $5 by mentioning (via phone) or entering (via web) in SPECIAL OFFER CODE "LOCALVIP". For more information or to purchase tickets, call the CCU Athletics Ticket Office at 843-347-8499 or visit Coastal Carolina Athletics Ticket Office - Football Tickets

Prior to Saturday's game, Coastal Carolina will honor 19 seniors and four interns/managers. Those set to be honored include:
Travis Small, Mike McClure, DeMario Bennett, Brian Kass, Andrew Allen, Lorenzo Taliaferro,
Niccolo Mastromatteo, Bucky Kennedy, LaDarius Hawthorne, Johnnie Houston, Marcellus Hunter, Jeffery Salley
Jaz Strong, Arthur Kelley, Jamey Cheatwood, Drew Herring, Adrian Sullivan, Matt Hazel, Dominique Whiteside
Neal Spivey (Mgr), Adonis Hentz (Mgr.), Paul Holmes (Intern), D'Juan Smith (Intern)

Coastal Carolina Football Notes (vs Presbyterian) Get Acrobat Reader

Presbyterian Football Game Notes (vs Coastal Carolina) Get Acrobat Reader

Head Coach Joe Moglia

What has been the message to your team, we lost, yesterday's news, move on and move forward?
"(My message to the team) was a little more extended than that. The first part is, I go back to our mission. The whole point of getting a team on the field that Coastal can be proud of. That means you give it everything you've got. The only thing I did that was a little different this week, I asked our players, `did you enter this game mentally focused and ready to go; from the first play to the last play?' If the answer was yes then we can't ask any more than that. If the answer was no, then you have to look in the mirror and you cannot ever let that happen again."

It's the same game plan for this week, but for some of these players it is senior day. How special has the senior class been to your team this year?
"Well they have meant an awful lot to me. One of the things I share with the team, or the leaders of the team, on a pretty regular basis is, great teams don't have leadership just from the coaches, they have leadership from within. When we got here a year and a half ago we told them we weren't going to neglect them or look past them. We are going to give them an opportunity to be a part of the team and if it's their job it's there job. These seniors are the heart, blood and the core of our team. I am incredibly excited for them to be honored prior to the game and they will be missed later on. Whatever we do from here on out is their legacy."

Obviously you didn't want to lose that game last week, but do you think it will sharpen their focus now?
"I think anytime you lose, anytime you have any defeat whether it's the business world in journalism, anywhere, you always learn more by being on bended knee, having had a problem and coming back from that. You truly understand what you did and what you might be able to do a little bit better. So, I think that would be true in general. When you have been fortunate to be a part of a team that we have and have had the run that we have, the loss stings, but it's also, "Okay what can we do to make sure that never happens again?" and at the end of the day it's getting to that field well prepared and giving it your best shot."

Senior receiver Matt Hazel

Matt, Saturday is senior day. Tell us how you have become the football play you have become?
"Senior day will be emotional. I have been here 4 years and I have seen a lot of things. Just the hard work coming in, putting in the work every day. It is going to be very emotional."

Senior defensive tackle Arthur Kelley

Talk about taking the field with a 9-1 record for your last home game.
"Like Matt said it's going to be emotional. It's good to be undefeated (at home), but at the end of the day, it's still football. Our main focus is on the game coming up Saturday.

Senior running back Bucky Kennedy

How will last week's loss and this being Senior Day affect the team mentally? "9-1 is a great thing. We would have loved to have gotten the W last weekend, but we are putting that behind us and moving on. We had new coaches come in half way through our careers and I believe it's a great thing. They have done some great things."

What is the mood in the locker room after last week knowing you still have a lot more football to play? "Obviously it was a disappointment, but once Sunday and Monday blew over, the guys were back up to their normal good spirits. We all vowed to put it behind us."



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