Coastal Travels to Charleston Southern (Notes and Press Conference)

Kickoff in Charleston, is set for 1:30 pm


Jamie Childers

Nov. 9, 2011

Coastal Carolina Press Conference
Head Football Coach David Bennett
Senior quarterback/tight end Jamie Childers
Senior cornerback Josh Norman

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Note: To hear more from Coach Bennett, join him and Matt Hogue each week at "Chanticleer Call-In," broadcast live from Logan's Roadhouse (in the restaurant district of Coastal Grand Mall) 6:30-7:30 pm each Thursday during the football season. For those unable to attend, the show can be heard locally on 93.9 FM ESPN "The Team" or world-wide on Fans can ask Coach Bennett questions by calling (866) 866-6562 or by emailing

Jamie Childers (on playing quarterback): "The biggest thing was getting back on my feet and maintaining rhythm with my arm, so getting this week with practice has been really good for me in terms of getting back in my rhythm."

Jamie Childers (on this season so far): "I just try to do what they ask of me and try to help the team as much as I can."

Josh Norman (on the Charleston Southern team): "Charleston Southern is always a competitive team. It's no different for us and any other team they faced. I know, last year, we got up on them pretty good and I don't think that's the same Charleston Southern team (we will face Saturday). They do a lot of good things and I'm looking forward to them."

Josh Norman (on the Charleston Southern game): "I know, this week, our task is Charleston Southern. In our scouting report, they have a couple of receivers that, if let loose, they will give us some problems. Like, #3 (Nathan Perera), he had 10 receptions for 230 yards, I believe, in one game. That's big. As far as us, as a defensive unit, we take that into consideration and we look forward to playing those guys. They have other guys as well, not just on offense, but on the defensive side, as well. Charles James, he's a really good guy, athletically, as a cornerback. If we show up to play, and it will be a good game."

Coach Bennett (opening statements): "Last week was a much needed win for us. That ballgame, just like the one that was before, came down to the wire. Presbyterian, I thought, fought valiantly, driving the ball down the field at the end of the game. Our defense held, and we ended up winning the ball game. There were some crazy plays in that game. We scored a touchdown before the half, but it was called back because our wide-outs weren't properly aligned; one was covered up. Another one, we threw a touchdown in the end zone that was ruled incomplete. Right before that, we threw and incomplete pass that they scooped and ran. We had a sequence of missed opportunities by our players to execute, and it got brought back because we never had possession of the ball. We never heard the whistle. I'd like to commend the officials for getting that play right. I wish they would have gotten the one right over in the end zone - the touchdown pass that Chris Presley made a wonderful catch. But, that's what the game is, and on this level, in FCS, there is no replay. You just have to play the game and be ready for the next play. When that play is over, you usually can't get it back. It was a good win for our guys, and we still have a chance to finish up the season not as great as we wanted it to be, but still a decent year. We will go play a Charleston Southern football team that is going to be very hungry for a win. We will get their best shot, and we have to have our guys prepared to give them our best shot."

Coach Bennett (on Charleston Southern): "I think their motivation will be off the charts. Again, you look at last week. They scored 31 points on Stony Brook. They scored 18 on Liberty. The Perera kid, #3, wide-out, he could play for anybody. He is talented enough to play anywhere, at any level. They'll play hard and they have come very close in a lot of their ball games. My hat's off to Jay Mills and their staff for keeping their guys up and teaching that in life, there is going to be adversity and you've got to fight through it."

Coach Bennett (on injuries): "We have some key guys that have been banged up this season, but you can't sit there and use that as an excuse. You start with Duran, and then Jamie was out for a month, Marcus Lott with a broken wrist, Corey Hawkins, Jamel Davis, Andre Jacobs missed about three-four games, now Aramis. You don't want to talk about who you don't have. You want to get the next guy ready. I think in everything, you have to turn the negative into the positive. With all the ones we are playing with these guys out, it will make us better for the future. We want to be good right now. Charleston Southern is banged up, as well. It would be nice to go through the whole season and not lose anybody, and see what happens."



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