Weekly Coastal Carolina Football Press Conference (Presbyterian Game)

Kickoff in Clinton, S.C., is set for 1 pm


Head coach Joe Moglia

Nov. 7, 2012

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Press Conference Quotes (Presbyterian Week)

Head Coach Joe Moglia

Opening Statement about Presbyterian College:
When we look at them from our offensive eyes and we've gone back and we've looked at film from the past, not necessarily against us, just what they've done in the past, they have always had a pretty good defense. They have always done a pretty good job against the pass especially. I know they had (Justin Bethel) that's gone to the NFL, but the way they cover you is pretty sound. They do a good job. Everything we do offensively is meant to put our concepts in place where we try to challenge somebody to hesitate in what his assignment is and we try to take advantage of that. Based on the stuff that they have done in the past, they are actually pretty good at that. So, their past defense in terms of what they do and how they do it is pretty sound. For us, we've got to make sure that we get our execution. They've got (Donelle Williams). He's pretty good. He's been banged up a little bit. I'm pretty sure he's coming back. He was one of the leaders, I think, in the Big South as far as tackles go. When we look at him he's sort of all over the field, and they say he's back so that's going to be an issue. None of those things, when we think about how we're going to attack them, changes what we got to do.

We have been struggling, so we've got to be able to go back to a little bit more of the way we were playing against Liberty and the way we were playing against VMI. We can't play anybody the way we played the first three quarters defensively against Gardner-Webb. We gave up too many plays, too many guys were open and too much yardage. If these guys will take advantage of that if we give them that. We've got to be fundamentally sound. I'll give you a simple example in a stat. We missed three tackles against VMI. We missed, I think, sixteen or seventeen tackles the other day. Clearly we can't do that.

Special Teams:
With special teams, as always, you can't give up a big play, and if you can make a big play on special teams, you can make a big difference in the game.



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