Weekly Football Press Conference (vs. Presbyterian)

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Senior Chris Floyd

Nov. 3, 2011

Coastal Carolina Press Conference
Head Football Coach David Bennett
Senior receiver Chris Floyd
Senior defensive end Corey Hawkins

Note: To hear more from Coach Bennett, join him and Matt Hogue each week at "Chanticleer Call-In," broadcast live from Logan's Roadhouse (in the restaurant district of Coastal Grand Mall) 6:30-7:30 pm each Thursday during the football season. For those unable to attend, the show can be heard locally on 93.9 FM ESPN "The Team" or world-wide on GoCCUSports.com. Fans can ask Coach Bennett questions by calling (866) 866-6562 or by emailing askthecoach@coastal.edu.

Corey Hawkins (on getting over loss to Stony Brook): “We just have to forget about it as quickly as possible. So, that’s what we’re trying to do – just get it out of our heads.”

Corey Hawkins (on the last three games of the season): “I feel like it will be an emotional breakout. I think everybody’s going to begin to step up and play how they were taught to play. Our chains have been broken a little bit. We’re really buying into the program. It took a little while, but we’re buying into what we’ve been taught, and we’re going to just really try to grind it out for these last three games.”

Chris Floyd (on getting over loss to Stony Brook): “Everybody’s been upbeat. (The team) knows that wasn’t us Saturday. We know we can play a lot better offensively and defensively. So, we are upbeat, trying to bounce back and have a great game Saturday.”

Chris Floyd (on the last three games of the season): “The season hasn’t turned out exactly how we wanted to, but we know that, as a team, we can do a lot. This team is capable of a lot. So, I think we just want to prove to ourselves that we can play how we’ve expected to play all season.”

Coach Bennett (opening statement): “I was very proud of our young men for how they tried to approach the football game in those conditions. I think it was 38; wind chill got down to about 20. Our kids went our there for pre-game warm-ups with no UnderArmor on. In their mind, they were going to try to be tough and play in those elements. They tried to do that. Stony Brook won the toss, deferred, and we had to take the ball they went with the wind. So we’re driving in the wind, and have a great drive. It’s fourth and four and we decided to go for the field goal and we miss it. It goes left, the wind blows it left. So, I was very proud of our guys on that drive into the teeth of the wind, and the rain, and the sleet. We learned a lot of things from that ballgame. Number one, old school football, you better be able to run it, no matter what the conditions are. Number two, you better be able to stop the run on defense. Special teams wise, you better not hurt yourself. And then, number four, as a staff, we have to be better prepared for that weather. I’d say those conditions definitely played into their hands with their rushing attack and the cold weather that they’re used to. Stony Brook did an outstand job. We just didn’t do a very good job.”

Coach Bennett (on Presbyterian game): “They are playing as good as anybody in the league. They beat Gardner-Webb. They went to Liberty and took them into double overtime. They probably played better than Liberty did. They had a chance to win the ballgame, a couple of chances. They play a very tough schedule. They stay together through the tough times. For us at Coastal, our goal’s not going to change. We want to win a national championship. Can we do that this year? It’s not looking like it. We can finish the season strong and become better men.”

Coach Bennett (on getting over the losses and moving on): “Nobody feels sorry for us, I can promise you that. They can’t. These three days of practice have been pretty good. I was really impressed with the energy level on Monday. We’ve got two and a half weeks left to play this great game. I told them to concentrate on their studies, concentrate on watching film on our opponent and put away all those games. Focus on what we need to focus on here to finish this thing up.”



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