Coastal Football Heads to Stony Brook (Notes and Press Conference)

Game time at Stony Brook is 4 pm; Game telecast on ESPN3


Jamaul Boswell grew up in Hempstead, N.Y., not far from Stony Brook's campus.

Oct. 26, 2011

Coastal Carolina Press Conference
Head Football Coach David Bennett
Senior receiver Jamaul Boswell

Senior defensive tackle Chad McField
October 26, 2011

Coastal Carolina at Stony Brook
Saturday - Oct. 29 - 7 pm
LaValle Stadium - Stony Brook, N.Y.

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Stony Brook Football Notes (vs. Coastal Carolina) Get Acrobat Reader

Note: To hear more from Coach Bennett, join him and Matt Hogue each week at "Chanticleer Call-In," broadcast live from Logan's Roadhouse (in the restaurant district of Coastal Grand Mall) 6:30-7:30 pm each Thursday during the football season. For those unable to attend, the show can be heard locally on 93.9 FM ESPN "The Team" or world-wide on Fans can ask Coach Bennett questions by calling (866) 866-6562 or by emailing

Jamaul Boswell (on the upcoming Stony Brook game): "The mindset this week is that we have got to go out there and take it one play at a time. You can't look forward to other games. We know that Stony Brook is a great team. They have a great running attack. We just have to take it one play at a time and not let up at all."

Jamaul Boswell (on traveling): "Traveling always takes a toll on your body. It just wears you out automatically, but we just have to stay focus and realize we have a task at hand - beating Stony Brook."

Jamaul Boswell (on the mood of the team): "We just have to be disciplined, stay focused. We know that last week we lost, but I feel that we have an upbeat team still. We just have to stay in the moment and stay focused. We watched the film and learned from our mistakes."

Chad McField (on knowing Stony Brook's Brock Jackolski and their running game): "I just go the same speed (as I do other games). I'm just trying to do the best I can for my team. Just because it is a homecoming (for me) doesn't affect me too much. I just try to focus on my assignment for that game and help my team win."

Chad McField (on the small possibility of winning championship): "We're not trying to focus on that at all. We're just trying to take it one game at a time. That's been our motto this season. We aren't dwelling on the past. We're just looking forward, pushing on and focusing on one game at a time."

Chad McField (on Stony Brook's rushing): "They've just got real good linemen. They do a lot of zone stuff and it's important to stay in our gaps, and that's what our defense is - a gap-assignment defense. If we can execute our gaps on defense, we can stop the run. They have good running backs , a good line setting up their blocks and a good scheme. All those things is what makes it hard to stop their rushing attack."

Chad McField (on what Coastal has to improve from last year's Stony Brook's game): "It's important that this year we finish off our tackles and stay in our gaps."

Coach David Bennett (opening statements): "I guess if you're in this thing long enough, there are going to be some great wins and some tough losses. That (Gardner-Webb game) has to rank with one of the toughest losses. We were down and trying to get us lined up for the kickoff return. As Tre (Henderson) is running that ball, I was like, `We are going to be in great shape to score here.' Next thing you know, he's gone. It was a very well executed play. The return team did a great job, especially Akeem Wesley and Derrick Frasier. Derrick did a real good job blocking the kicker. I saw some of our guys running out there on the field and we got the celebrating penalty. Kicking off, they running it back down to about the 50 and they call facemask and a late hit so they were set up to kick the winning field goal from our 14 yard line. In the entire ball game, I think our team showed how good we can be if we will execute. It was a heart breaking loss for us; for our university. But, you've got to put it behind you, move on and be ready for the next one."

Coach David Bennett (on the upcoming Stony Brook game): "You watch [Stony Brook] on film, they have phenomenal running backs. We found that out last year. You've got to tackle them all the way down to the ground - they don't stop. They run hard. Their quarterback (Kyle Essington) might even be more talented than the one he replaced (Michael Coulter). I think he's faster, and he might even have a stronger arm. They are a very good football team."

Coach David Bennett (on injuries): "David [Duran] will have surgery done next week. He's a tough guy that tried to get through it, but he can't do it. Jamie Childersis working to try to get back as soon as he can. It's part of the game. You're going to have injuries. You just hope its not as many key injuries as we have had. But, I believe this, you can always try to turn negatives into positives."

Coach David Bennett (on the team's goals): "You've got to focus on one play at a time and not thinking about the next game, or not even about this game. We need to focus on what we do to start the game. Just play one play at a time and everything else will take care of itself. The goal is to start the game off with a great special team play, and play the next play - just one play at a time."



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