#3/6 Coastal Carolina Weekly Football Press Conference (VMI)

Kickoff Oct. 26 is set for 6 pm at Brooks Stadium


Oct. 23, 2013

Football Press Conference (Oct. 23)

#3/6 Coastal Carolina vs VMI
Saturday - Oct. 26 - 6:00 pm
Conway, S.C. - Brooks Stadium - Heroes Day

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VMI Football Notes (at Coastal Carolina) Get Acrobat Reader

Please be reminded that Coastal will host Chauncey's Night 5K run on Friday before the game and honor its local military/fire/police and emergency groups as part of "Heroes Day" prior to and during the contest Saturday. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the following websites: Chauncey's Night 5k / Heroes Day Registration or call Athletics Ticket Office at 843-347-8499.

Ticket Office representatives will be at Blanton Lawn beginning at 3:00 pm to assist our heroes in getting their tickets. Tickets for heroes are complimentary and guest tickets are just $10 each. Fans can also go to the South Ticket Booth at Brooks Stadium starting at 2:00 pm to purchase tickets. Will call is located at the North Ticket Booth. Gates at Brooks Stadium open at 4:30 pm.

Head Coach Joe Moglia

Opening statement:
"I think in 21 years of coaching football, the Liberty was the greatest single victory I was ever a part of. You're down to a good football team 19 points in the third quarter and you're able to rally back and win that game. I think that says a lot about the team's attitude and character. I have been proud of the offense all season. They continue to do the job they know they need to do, they continue to get better. It was an incredibly exciting game and I couldn't be more proud of our coaching staff, all of the people in operations, our support staff and all of the guys on our team. It was a great team effort."

On the quarterback Saturday with starter Alex Ross out?
"I think who we start and how much they play will be determined by what our offensive guys see in practice this week. Their performance will determine how we want to approach things in the game. If one of our guys is doing well, I would assume we let him continue to play. If the guy wasn't doing particularly well, we will have another guy to go to. So these are decisions we make on the run. We will have a plan and right now all three will should be ready to play, but they are decisions we make on the run."

With these guys having different skill sets and not doing what Alex Ross does, talk to us about the preparation for the offensive line this week for having different guys in the game and doing different things?
"They have done a great job protecting Alex. I think in terms of the offensive line it doesn't really change. The difference is, we are going to call a little bit more of certain things depending on who is in there. So, it doesn't really change too much. I have no doubt that the offensive line knows that with the guys back there they are great athletes, but they are a little inexperienced, maybe a little nervous so we have to make sure we are getting our job done."

Do you feel you could get complacent now that you're 7-0, unblemished?
"It doesn't matter. (VMI) could be undefeated; they could be winless. We know what we need to do. Our job is not to play to the level of the team. Our job is to give it our very, very best. If we do that, I am confident we are going to have good results. If we don't do that, even if we had good results, I think our team would be dissatisfied. I know we would be dissatisfied as a staff. The compounding works so we have to keep building. (The ranking) is a wonderful pat on the back for our accomplishments."

Sophomore safety Richie Sampson

How do you think you can clean things up on defense?
"We just really need to go back to the basics. We need to focus on our keys and reads. I really think it's just going back to the basics, focusing on tackling, reading our keys and finishing at the ball."

What kind of affect does it have on the defense by giving up big plays on third down and now being able to get off the field?
"It is definitely tough. You never want to give up any big plays. It's just a play like any other we have to bounce back from. We can't really stay too focused on the negative, but at the same time in practice we really need to work on getting off the field, stopping those passes and little screen plays. It's a matter of focus in practice and then we just have to execute it in the game."

Senior offensive lineman Jamey Cheatwood

With Alex being out are you saying you will have to run the ball more?
"I don't look at (having Alex out) as a disadvantage. I look at it as an opportunity to build some depth. So, do I think we are going to run the ball more? No. I think we are going to stick with our game plan and build some depth there because at some point in the season, Alex might have to come out for a series or two and we need the confidence in our backups to score the ball. We can't become one dimensional at any point. I think building that depth is essential to your team's future later on in the season."

The team seems to be a reflection of the coach and this team appears to have bought in to everything Coach Moglia has put before you. In that first month after Moglia became coach, what did he do to convince you to get on board?
"We were told to shake coach's hand and tell him we were in after those initial meetings. I didn't do it fr a while. Then, I got to know what he was like, I got to listen to him speak. They hired on new staff and I got to listen to them. I just realized how smart of a coaching staff they were and how much I wanted to be a part of what they were doing and what they were going to do in the future. I think it turned out pretty well."



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