#4/6 Coastal Carolina Weekly Football Press Conference (Liberty)

Game is set for 3:30 pm and will be on ESPN3


Oct. 16, 2013

Football Press Conference (Oct. 16)

The Last Meeting
Liberty (Homecoming)12
Coastal Carolina36
October 27, 2012
Brooks Stadium / Conway, S.C.
Coastal Carolina Extinguishes the Flames, 36-12
For the third straight game, Coastal Carolina (4-4, 2-1) rushed for over 200 yards, including 99 by senior Jeremy Height, to down Liberty (3-5, 2-1) for CCU's Homecoming at Brooks Stadium.

#4/6 Coastal Carolina at Liberty
Saturday - Oct. 19 - 3:30 pm
Lynchburg, Va. - Williams Stadium

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As a preview to Coastal's next home game (Oct. 26 versus VMI), please be reminded that Coastal will host Chauncey's Night 5K run on Friday before the game and honor its local military/fire/police and emergency groups as part of "Heroes Day" prior to and during the contest Saturday. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the following websites: Chauncey's Night 5k / Heroes Day Registration or call Athletics Ticket Office at 843-347-8499.

Head Coach Joe Moglia

Opening statement:
"I do believe that Gardner-Webb is a good team. I think our offense struggled a little bit in the first half, but I was pleased with the way they came out and played in the second half. I think it was the most complete effort from our defense I've seen all season. We are still making some mistakes, but I think we can fix those. I think it was the best game that our special teams had across the board. Bottom line, I think we played a good football team, I think we played well and I think it was the best game from beginning to end we've played so far this year.

"I think Liberty has lost three games against very good opponents, any one of which they very well may have won. They could just as easily be 6-0 now. We know that this is an intense rivalry between Liberty and Coastal and we know that they've got a great game environment up there. We know that they are going to pack the house and that our guys are going to be backed up against the student section. They have a good offense. I think where they have excelled (this season) is on defense. I think they're the sixth ranked scoring defense in the country. They do a good job against the run, against the pass and they have guys that are physical. There is no question in anyone's mind that this is going to be a really good football game. We are going to approach this the way we approach every football game. We need to understand what our assignments are, we need to hone those while we practice and, hopefully, build up to the point to where we are effective with both our game plan and our execution on Saturday."

With this being Liberty's homecoming game, and expecting a lot of crowd noise, do you do anything differently with offensive signals to prepare for the noise?
"From the very beginning of the season, we assume that there is going to be an issue with using normal voice signals. We have been using hand signals the entire season. We use them in practice, too. We are working a little bit more this week on silent snap counts and we always have music at practice. We are going to continue to have music at practice and continue using hand signals the way we always do. We are excited about the fact that they are going to have a big crowd there, and there is going to be good enthusiasm. This is a fun environment to play in."

Is Liberty the most complete team you've played all year?
"I thought Eastern Kentucky and Gardner-Webb were complete teams. I think Liberty is too; they're very good. Without having seen them play against Eastern Kentucky or Gardner-Webb, I can't make that comparison. So, we evaluate them on their own merits. Based on that, they have a good offense, defense and kicking game."

What are you trying to fix on defense?
"I think last week was a terrific effort, but I still think we're having communication mistakes. That can't happen. We didn't do as good of a job as we should have in regards to tackling versus Gardner-Webb. The biggest thing is to make sure we don't have assignment mistakes."

What about Liberty concerns you the most?
"We have to be conscious that if they become effective running the ball against us, then it's because they have a good running attack. But, if they start to hurt us with the running game, then it's probably because we have had an error somewhere. We need to be able to find where that error is and fix it as soon as possible. These guys are good enough that they can hurt us with the pass and they can hurt us with the run, so we've got to be sound in both areas and play good football. What we cannot do is `cheat' to try to fix a problem because that is when they can really hurt you with another part of the game. We've got to recognize that they are going to get the yardage, and that they are going to put some points on the board. It's more about what we're doing, not what they're doing."

Senior defensive end Dominique Whiteside

Does the blow-out loss at Liberty two years ago give the team some energy to get back?
"A lot of these guys are new guys, and we don't really talk about those games. Of course, you can't act like it never happened. We know the history that the home team has won each of the last four years. We just focus on the team that we have this year. We feel that we are a much better team than we were last year and two years ago, so we can't really compare."

Most observers will say this game is your biggest obstacle left. How big does this game feel?
"As far as the rest of the schedule, you never want to look ahead to any of the games. But, to be honest, this could potentially be the toughest test throughout the Big South. The last nine times, the winner of this game has gone on to win the Big South. We do feel like this is a championship game going into it, and that is how we prepare."

Does it feel like the intensity is higher this week at practice in preparation for the rivalry game?
"Starting conference play it was 0-0. We feel like it is a one game season from here on out, and you can't afford to take a loss."

Senior wide receiver Matt Hazel

Is Liberty a different team when you see them here versus when you see them there? Their record is so different when they play at home.
"Any team at home is much better because you've got your fans cheering for you. That gets you more excited and gives you an added motivation to go out and play your best."

Is there any other teams you've played that you can draw on that are similar to Liberty, or is Liberty its own breed?
"Every team is different. The home crowd definitely plays a factor, so I know they are going to be ready to go. It's a big game being homecoming for them. They are going to have a packed house. I know they are going to pull out all the stops for us for this game."

Does it feel like the intensity is higher this week at practice in preparation for the rivalry game?
"I think now that we are starting conference play, (you could feel it) last week. The intensity was pretty high. Every week is going to be a challenge and we know that going into every game. Losing one game could cost the whole season and us going into the playoffs."



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