Weekly Coastal Carolina Football Press Conference (#11 Stony Brook Game)

Kickoff at Brooks Stadium is set for 3:30 pm and will be on ESPN3


Head coach Joe Moglia

Oct. 10, 2012

Head Coach Joe Moglia, David Duran, and Johnny Hartsfield
Press Conference Oct. 10, 2012 (Stony Brook Week)

Head Coach Joe Moglia Opening Statement
I think you can argue that Stony Brook is as good as anybody we've played against. I think from an offensive perspective there is a reason why they are close to leading the country in most categories. I think they are tough, physical guys that do a great job of executing. I think that their tailback is a genuine pro prospect. Their quarterback is effective. Whenever you have a really good, solid running game, the way to play that running game is to be sound, but you really have to be great with your fundamentals.

On the bye week:
We didn't really focus on Stony Brook. We just went back to our basics. Now, if you are going to be a good football team and we're going to compete at the national level, you have got to do that period. We took a step backwards on that (versus Appalachian State). We are focused very much on our fundamentals. Hopefully we will be able to show a significant improvement from a defensive perspective from where we were a week ago.

On making personnel changes during the bye week:
What we did was we juggled some guys around as far as the defense goes. We wanted to make sure that from a backup perspective, that if we've got a guy who's been struggling a bit, we've got to get that fixed. We've got to make sure we've got the right backup there. We haven't made a final decision if we are going to change guys around as far as our starters go, but we will be well prepared that if we need to change anything, we won't hesitate to do that.

On was it nice to have that bye week:
Football wears on you. The mental side of the game is what you're always focused on. On top of that you've usually got two-hour practices that usually are a pretty high tempo. Then on top of that, you've got a physical aspect of the game where there's actual contact. That wears you out. Just to be able to relax, that break is huge.

On the mindset of the team after three straight losses:
App State was a horrible loss, but our guys understand that. We've got one mission, to put a team on the field that Coastal's going to be proud of. That means you may not always win the games, but you always give it all you've got. I think we did that at App. I don't think our guys ever quit. In the end of the day, we played a game, and we lost a game. It's not about winning. It's about giving it everything you've got. If you do that, your probability of being successful is increased.

How do you look at this game?
David Duran "Obviously it's a big game, but we approach any game the same way. We only look one game ahead. We are looking forward to taking a step forward from last week against App State. Anytime you play a conference game, playoffs are on the line. I don't think that they are on the line anymore this week than they would any other game. I look at it as just another game that would really help us going forward in the season.

How do you feel right now?
David Duran "I'm feeling healthy. Probably for the first time this year I'm feeling close to 100%. I'm continuing to rehab and everything, but I feel good."

It's going to be a physical game. How ready are you for this Saturday?
Johnny Hartsfield - "I think that we've prepared pretty well. Over the bye week, we really went back and started focusing on things we needed to get better at to become a better defense and become a better team. Last week we didn't watch any Stony Brook tape. We just went back and started watching old practices of us and we've been trying to develop ourselves as a defense.

I know their system itself is very effective, but what makes RB Miguel Maysonet so successful?
Johnny Hartsfield - I've known him since he was a freshman (when we played together at Hofstra). He's a great kid. He went to Stony Brook solely to be close to his mom. He's just one of those guys that will work for you and give you everything he's got. He's going to do good for you academically. On and off the field, he's just a great kid - a great football player. When you look at next level running backs, you always look for things that are going to separate guys from other guys. Miguel is just a workhorse. His legs never stop moving. He never strays away from contact. He has a nice size combination with speed. He will hit it inside and turn a corner on you.



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