#6/8 Coastal Carolina Weekly Football Press Conference (Gardner-Webb)

Prior to the game, hear Mauruce Clarett give his testamony as part of Faith and Family Day at The HTC Center


Oct. 9, 2013

Football Press Conference (Oct. 9)

The Last Meeting
Coastal Carolina55
November 3, 2012
Boiling Springs, N.C.
Coastal Has Near Record Day in 55-33 Win at Gardner-Webb
Alex Ross threw for 342 yards, 151 to Niccolo Mastromatteo, and had 404 yards of total offense in a 55-33 win at Gardner-Webb.

#6/8 Coastal Carolina vs. #26/31 Gardner-Webb
Saturday - Oct. 12 - 6 pm
Conway, S.C. - Brooks Stadium

Coastal Carolina Football Notes (vs. Gardner-Webb Get Acrobat Reader

Gardner-Webb Football Notes (at Coastal Carolina) Get Acrobat Reader

Prior to Saturday's game, Coastal will host Faith and Family Day as Maurice Clarett, who helped Ohio State to a national championship, will give his testimony in an event at The HTC Center. A CCU-GWU game ticket will be good for admission to the Faith and Family Event. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the following website: FAITH AND FAMILY DAY or call Athletics Ticket Office at 843-347-8499.

Head Coach Joe Moglia

Opening statement about Gardner-Webb:
"As far as Gardner-Webb goes, they have always been a great competitor to Coastal. Last year when we played them, while the score looked like it was heavily in our favor, the reality is it was a very close game. We were tied going into the beginning of the fourth quarter. I think that Coastal has always had a good rivalry with Gardner-Webb. I thought they were a good team this year, I think they will be a good team this year and I know they will be a team to be reckoned with. I have no doubt that they will come in here ready to go. I think it will be a great game. It is one we know we have to be ready."

The success this offense has had prior to the bye week was great. Is there any part of you that didn't want the bye week?
"Every part of me wanted to have this bye week. Our guys have gone two months without a break. We give them Monday's off from practice, but they load up on the classes on Monday, they catch up on stuff where they may have fallen behind and they get their personal business taken care of as well. While they may get off from football, they don't get a break. For them to be able to get a break after two solid months of going after it really hard is only a good thing. I feel the same way for the coaches and the rest of our overall staff. You need that break. If you think you are going to be able to make good decisions later in the season without getting a break, you are mistaken."

In terms of Gardner-Webb's defense, is there one thing they do exceptionally well?
"I think they are physical and they like to move around up front. They have the leaders amongst the top tacklers in the league.

The game against them last year was really the big offensive outbreak for us. You have had five of those games since then. What sense then did you have that that was a pivotal breakout for the offense?
"I think it was just a matter of, it was a new offense with a new coaching staff and a new team. We have talked about how we like to compound on what we have taught our players and that game was obviously when things started clicking and they have continued to compound what we do each week since. I think it just takes a little while to be able to establish that."

Senior running back Lorenzo Taliaferro

What are your thoughts on having a bye week, did you wish you could have just kept playing last week?
"Definitely not. We needed a bye week. A couple of us were banged up. I see it as an extra week to get better. We will have had two weeks to prepare for an opponent whereas everyone else usually just gets one week."

How does this defense stack up against others you have seen?
"Their defense is pretty active. They try and throw a lot of tricks at you. There are definitely a lot of holes and, if we can find those holes, we should do well."

Junior linebacker and Buck Buchanan Award nominee Quinn Backus

Why do you think this defense is so much better in the second half?
"I think we are calmer. In the first half, we probably get a little antsy and doing things we aren't supposed to be doing. After halftime we talk to our coaches and we understand our jobs more. It was just a matter of focus. Our coaches have a good plan each week; we just have to do what we have been practicing all week."

Was there a turning point with you guys in the 3rd quarter at Elon?
"I think it came down to everybody doing their responsibility and quit trying to do everyone else's job. He began believing in one another and gaining trust. The coaches had a good halftime talk so we just focused in and got the job done."

Do you consider this a dream season for the Chanticleers?
"I think a lot of it comes from our goals this summer. Everyone came into the summer program not wanting to be complacent, setting high goals and just building up from last year. We just continue to work hard every weekend. Just get better."



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