Weekly Coastal Carolina Press Conference (Toledo Game)

Chants travel to the Glass Bowl Saturday and kickoff is set for 7 pm.


Jeremy Height ranks 15th in the NCAA and first in the Big South in all-purpose yards.

Sept. 19, 2012

Coastal Carolina Football Notes (at Toledo) Get Acrobat Reader

Toledo Football Game Notes (vs CCU) Get Acrobat Reader

Coastal Carolina will play at Toledo on Sept. 22. Kickoff in the historic Glass Bowl is set for 7 pm and the game will be broadcast on ESPN3, as well as on the Chanticleer Sports Network (100.3 FM ESPN "The Team" or online at GoCCUSports.com).

Question: It's the annual FBS game. What are your thoughts on playing up a level this week?
Jeremy Height: It's just like any other time. We are going to go out this week, practice hard and take care of ourselves. We are just going to go out there and perform the best that we can and show people what we got.

Question: You do realize that this is the big game that would the nation looking at Coastal Carolina right?
Jeremy Height: "I do realize that, but it's all about going out there, performing and executing our plays and doing what we have to do to be successful.

Question: How confident are you coming off a loss from Eastern Kentucky?
Jeremy Height: About the loss to Eastern Kentucky, we went back and watched film and saw that there were a few mistakes. If we didn't make those mistakes, that game could have been a lot different. So, going into this game, once we execute and keep things simple, things will take care of its self.

Question: What has Coach Moglia's message to you guys been this week?
Jeremy Height: It's been more of a BAM, being a man. Take responsibilities and learn to think well. We want to get better at thinking through a situation is and learning how to execute to be successful.

Head Coach Joe Moglia -

About Eastern Kentucky:
Having looked at the film, I think it was a closer game than the score indicated. If you take away the long pass at the end of the first half, the statistics would have been pretty even as well. From an offensive perspective, I thought that we were reasonably effective moving the ball, we weren't outstanding but they were a pretty good team. Their athletic ability helped them close on the ball pretty quickly. From a physical perspective, I think we worked hard I don't think we ever let up. They were a very physical and athletic team. They were without question the most physical and athletic team that we have played this year. Offensively I think we did a reasonable job of moving the ball. Defensively, I think there was an improvement from Furman to Eastern Kentucky. There are still a number of things that we need to be able to do that we will eventually get to, but we're not quite there yet. We're doing a little bit more pattern reading as far as our defense goes. It takes a little while to get accustomed to and you do not get the same look in practice, as far as speed goes. A cut at five yards is very different from a cut at eight yards if you're pattern reading. Defensively, I thought we did a better job than we did against Furman. Special teams, I thought we were every bit their equal. They are the most creative special teams team that we're going to play, that forces you to do a lot of preparing. Our defense I thought improved, I think our offense kind of held its own, I thought our special teams was as good as their special teams. Bottom line is, they were better than us that night and they beat us.

About Toledo:
Toledo is better than Eastern Kentucky. They are very solid, a very good FBS team. These guys are up-tempo. We need to make sure that we are set and ready to go on defense when the ball is snapped. They have been very effective throwing the ball. We haven't found a bad receiver or a guy that we don't need to pay attention to. They do a good job at being able to run the ball. Their attack is more of a passing attack with the ability to run and they're effective doing that. They've got good athletes that get to the ball well they are very physical and they can run well. Their special teams are well coached, they are sound. Toledo is going to be a real challenge, but we can't worry too much about how much of a challenge that is going to be. We've got to continue to do a good job of improving our knowledge and understanding of what we're trying to do. This is not about our teaching. Coaches tend to be good teachers and good lecturers. Being able to develop as a coaching staff to have our teams not only know the plays and the assignments but really understand them and being able to get there as a team, that will be a competitive advantage to us one day. We're not worried about Toledo being a good school we've got to still focus on what we think we can do.

Question: In the past years Coastal has not been very competitive in these FBS games, what do you think of these opportunities to play upper level?
Coach Moglia: The bottom line is, there is an opportunity of a play-up. We are most concerned with the physical cost. This is going to be a very, very physical game. I can appreciate there is something positive about being able to play up. Hopefully we aren't going to get physically beat, but the chances of that happening are greater when you're playing a team that has 85 scholarships versus your 63. I understand the value in it, but I also understand why you wouldn't want to do it.

Question: What kind of message are you going to give to your team this week? Is it like a David and Goliath message?
Coach Moglia: No I'm going to tell them the same thing I always tell them. You need a group of men to come together and act as one and that's a team. At the end of the day, be a man, stand on your own two feet and accept responsibility for yourself. The only m mission that we have is to put a team on the field that Coastal Carolina can be proud of. That's the only thing we talk about.



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