#15 Coastal Carolina Weekly Football Press Conference (Hampton)

Family Weekend is presented by Eggs Up Grill. Kickoff is set for 6 pm at Brooks Stadium


Head Coach Joe Moglia has led CCU to a 9-1 record over its last 10 games.

Sept. 18, 2013

Football Press Conference (Sept. 18)

#15 Coastal Carolina hosts Hampton
FAMILY WEEKEND presented by Eggs Up Grill
Saturday - Sept. 21 - 6 pm
Conway, S.C. - Brooks Stadium

Coastal Carolina Football Notes (versus Hampton) Get Acrobat Reader

Hampton Football Notes (versus Coastal Carolina) Get Acrobat Reader

Head Coach Joe Moglia

Opening statement about Eastern Kentucky:
"I couldn't be more proud of our overall effort at Eastern Kentucky. It was a pretty big win. We did everything we talked about a week ago. It was one of those games where the offense really ended up coming to life and lived up to its potential. Clearly, across the board, the offense put it together and had an outstanding night. From a special teams perspective, I think we held our own. From a defensive perspective, we kept having breakdowns, but at halftime we corrected some of those. I was very pleased with the way the defense ended up playing in the second half. What I loved about the team, in terms of their overall effort, it was a big game and it was on the road, but we wound up doing a great job. The defense did a great job with shutting them down (Eastern Kentucky) second half, and the offense started to take over. In the fourth quarter we were conditioned and still ready to play."

On Hampton:
"They have a great tradition of football. They have 15 starters back: eight on offense, seven on defense. Their quarterback is good at running their offense and they have a very good passing game. Like anybody else, it doesn't matter who we're playing, we know what we have to do. We have to adapt and adjust our game plan for what they're able to do and the skill sets that we have. We are going to prepare for this week as hard as we prepared in the past. We have to make sure we are correcting the things we have done wrong, improve on the things that we're still not there on and the overall process for us is the same thing."

On Coastal's success rushing the football:
"If you're talking about throughout our history, I understand that (Coastal is known for its passing statistics). Since coming here, philosophically we said that we have got to have an offense that has the ability to move the ball on the ground and in the air. You have to have that to be effective. So we came in to last season with the philosophy that we were going to have balance, we were going to narrow that down based on the types of people we have and what we think we can emphasize. Then we'll narrow that down a little further based on the game plan we have for a particular opponent. We are proud of the development we have seen across the team in general, but that was a part of our philosophy from day one."

On Coastal handling its current success:
"I think they have already had success. I think they have handled it beautifully. I would expect nothing less from our guys. We don't fool around with this. Our mission is our mission. You give it everything you've got, that's how you make your university, your family and your teammates proud of your effort. You want to win. But the objective is: be well prepared, understand what your job is, be committed to giving it your very best, and you will increase the probability that you will be successful. Win or lose, I expect our guys to handle it like men, I expect them to come back the following week ready to go."

Senior running back Lorenzo Taliaferro (Big South Offensive Player of the Week)

On Hampton's defense:
"Looking at the film, they are actually pretty good. If you watch it, their defense is actually their strong point."

On Alex Ross adding running to his repertoire at Eastern Kentucky:
"It makes us so much more balanced. He has been running since the spring and going into the first two games you would think that after seeing him run in practice you would see him run more, but I think he actually unleashed it this third game. If he continues to do that then I don't think anyone can stop us."

Is each game separate or is having momentum from game-to-game important:
"No. I think we take every team separate and just keep on going to the next opponent. We can't look at it as what you did last week. You just have to take it day by day and just keep on going. Yes, you have to keep your confidence up, but we are a target now."

Redshirt-Freshman corner back Samson Baldwin (Big South Freshman of the Week)

On the second half turnaround at Eastern Kentucky:
"It took a lot of focus and just the realization that we still have a long game ahead of us. Also we realized they have a lot of momentum and figured they would try for big plays down the field to get us even further down. We just had to buckle down and make sure we didn't let that happen."

On what Hampton brings offensively:
"For the first three games this year, we haven't seen a team that really likes to pass the ball a lot. Their (SC State, Furman and Eastern Kentucky) main focus was running the ball and taking a couple of throws when the opportunity came. Hampton is the first team that we have seen that will spread it out. We are pretty excited about it. Now we can actually see what we have."



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