Head Coach David Bennett Press Conference (Catawba Week)



Head coach David Bennett

Sept. 7, 2011

Head Coach David BennettPress Conference
September 7, 2011
Coastal Carolina vs. Catawba

Note: To hear more from Coach Bennett, join him and Matt Hogue each week at Chanticleer Call-In, broadcast live from Logan's Roadhouse (in the restaurant district of Coastal Grand Mall) 6:30-7:30 pm each Thursday during the football season. For those unable to attend, the show can be heard locally on 93.9 FM ESPN "The Team" or world-wide on GoCCUSports.com. Fans can ask Coach Bennett questions by calling (866) 866-6562 or by emailing askthecoach@coastal.edu.

Coach David Bennett (opening statement):
"I was completely drained and worn out after our game with Furman. I know our guys were too. You've got to give a lot of credit to Furman. They got a mighty good football team. I thought we won the first half, Furman won the third quarter and then we won the fourth quarter. As for the third quarter, they were getting after us. Our guys got it together in the fourth quarter, came back and did a great job finishing. I'm very proud of our young men, after we missed the field goal with five minutes to go in the ball game, our defense held them. We got the ball back and drove it down (in scoring position) to score the winning touchdown. I thought Aramis Hillarydid a very nice job of leading that drive. The offensive line did a very nice job. We had a few throws and catches in there, a lot of rushing attempts in that final drive. Then the defense, at the end, held them. But on fourth down, I kind of held my breath when the tight end dove for the ball, going down the middle of the field on Johnny Houston. I thought (the Furman player) had it, but the ground popped it out. We wish Furman all the best for the rest of the season. "

Coach David Bennett(on improvement between the first and second game):
"Well, I know that our opponent this week turned it over five times in game one. In their mind, they're coming in here to upset us if they don't turn it over. If we don't create some turnovers as much as they throw the ball - they threw it 51 and rushed it 23 times last week. We have to get some turnovers. I know they are thinking they are going to improve. I think we did some good things. Our quarterbacks did a really nice job at taking care of the ball. That's important. We knew that going in, that we needed to do that, but we have a lot of things we can improve on. W e had 16 missed tackles as a team. We definitely need to improve on our tackling. We need to definitely improve on our special teams.

Coach David Bennett(on determination to win from both teams):
"We're coming off of nice win; they're coming off a disappointing loss. They're going to give us everything they got. They will be fired up to get a win and we cannot be complacent with our win last week."

Coach David Bennett(on Catawba's strength):
"Their strength, right now, I'd say are two things. They have a very good run defense, allowing minus 24 yards last week, and they have a quarterback that played at Illinois that, if he's on the mark, we will be tested to the max."

Aramis Hillary(on winning Big South Player of the Week):
"It means a lot for the whole offense. I think it's just an award that I was lucky to stand in the spotlight for. Really, it's an award for the whole offense. Our offensive line did a great job and, luckily, I was just the one that got awarded for it."

Aramis Hillary(on staying focused for Catawba):
"You can only play one game at a time, you can't look ahead to Georgia. Catawba is a great team. So, we're concentrating on beating Catawba. No one on this team is saying anything about Georgia or beyond. We want to go 1-0 each week, so we are only focused on Catawba."

Desmond Steward (on staying focused for Catawba):
"They are coming off of a loss. They are going to be hungry and come in here and try to beat us. We're their big game this year, so we are going to have to come with everything we have so we can win this game."



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