Coastal Carolina Weekly Football Press Conference (SC State)

Coastal football opens the 2013 season in Orangeburg at SC State Aug. 31 and 6 pm


Head coach Joe Moglia (right) and Drew Herring

Aug 28, 2013

Football Press Conference
#21/24 Coastal Carolina at South Carolina State
Saturday - August 31 - 6 pm
Orangeburg, S.C. - Oliver C. Dawson Stadium
LISTEN LIVE via and the Chanticleer Sports Network

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Head Coach Joe Moglia
"I think it's important to understand where we came from a year ago, we said a year ago that everything we were trying to do had something to do with our mission and our philosophy, and our mission was to put a team on the field of which Coastal would be proud.

"Last year we did not ask anybody to automatically or blindly accept what we were suggesting. We felt that we had to earn the respect of our team and as well as the community.

"We began this season far ahead of where we were a year ago. Our coaching staff has a better understanding for each other, we have a better understanding of the system we have addressed the areas which we felt we were weak in the off season.

"We're optimistic about getting the season started."

What do you know about South Carolina State?
"They have a tradition of winning. They are not used to losing. I have no doubt that they are going to be ready to rebound from last season. It will be a good opener for us and good opener for them."

How different do you feel between now and this spot a year ago, now that you have a year under your belt?
"For me it's about the process. In order to get ready for a game, we have no control over who we're playing, how good they are, how bad they are, home or away, who's in the stands or the weather. We can't do anything about that. But what we can control is each of our guys being committed to understanding what their roll is and how they fit in to the overall scheme whether it's offense, defense or special teams. Each day they recognize that their efforts in practices or meetings are to better understand what they have to do. If they can do that, then we can put together a game plan that gives us a little bit of a competitive edge. Takes advantage of our own strengths, perhaps even maybe attach the weakness of our opponent, then what we're doing is we're increasing the probability that we're going to be successful on Saturday."

The quarterback for SC State, what have you seen with him on the game tape and what do you think is the biggest strength of SC State's offense right now?
"I think the quarterbacks, Richard Cue and TeDarrius Wiley, are pretty good. If you look at the guy that was a starter a year ago he has good passing statistics and he is the leading rusher on the team. He does a great job of knowing when to hand off and knowing when to keep the ball. Then off of that they have a pretty strong play action game where they will attack you with a very strong screen compliment as well as the ability to be able to be effective on deep routes and vertical routes. When you play against a quarterback that knows how to make those reads and can execute you have to be very sound because where you make a mistake they take advantage of that. So that means we have to have more of a limited game plan so our execution of that game plan is something that we can count on. We have to be ready for a quarterback that knows how to read defenses and knows how to make good decisions, then has the ability to execute."

Preseason All-Big South Offensive Lineman Drew Herring

Coach talked about how Alex Ross is the leader of the team, expand upon that and talk about the transition from Aramis Hillary to him this year.
"Aramis was a great leader last year and did a great job coming in with the new system we implemented. It was a very smooth transition. Alex has done the same thing. He has come in and he has taken the reigns. He started from the very beginning in winter conditioning and he was leading throughout the workouts. That was where he earned his position as our leader. This year should be a real smooth transition and if Alex does his job, he knows what to do, he is encouraging, and he is a respectable guy. Everyone respects him and listens to what he has to say when he says it"

There is a lot of senior leadership on the offense. Do you feel like this is going to be your year to really rewrite some records?
"We do have a lot of seniors, but I think this is a year just like any other. We're just going to concentrate on one game after another and not really worry too much about records or setting any standards or rewriting any history. We are just going to try and do our best and go out there and make Coastal proud."

All-American linebacker Quinn Backus

Quinn you're coming off one of the better years I've seen on the defensive side of the ball. What did you do to improve this off season?
"This summer I really focused on what I didn't do right. I watched film on the games that I didn't play too well. This summer I worked every day. Not only did I work on my own game, but I worked on helping my teammates get better too. I gave advice and just tried to practice drills throughout the summer.

The offense made all of the headlines last year. Do you want to change that and defense be the story?
We are all a team and as long as it is a positive story, whether it is offense or defense, it doesn't really matter.

What are your thoughts about trying to stop SC State defensively?
We have to go out there and execute the plays we have been practicing. If everybody would do just what the coach says to do - go out and execute - we should be alright."



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