Coastal Carolina Football Has Final Scrimmage; 13 Days and Counting

Chants Host Furman Sept. 3 at 6 pm


Matt Hazel

Aug. 21, 2011

CONWAY - The Coastal Carolina football team, on day 18 of preseason camp, had its final scrimmage Sunday afternoon at Brooks Stadium. It was the final day of camp as classes at the University begin Monday and the first game of 2011 is just 13 days away.

The scrimmage, which was scheduled for Saturday but postponed one day due to rain, was very situational in nature, giving units just one drive in a situation or, during a 12-snap span, just one play to move the chains.

"This was very good for us to get on film," said head coach David Bennett. "We will lean a great deal from this. We were able to make some corrections on the field and the officials did a great job working with the kids and coaches.

"There were a lot of positives today, but then you have to look at the other side of the ball and, on those same plays, say there were some negatives. One thing I have continually liked in practices and scrimmages is the fact these guys compete. The heat and humidity were tough to deal with today and it showed late in the practice. We have to get better at that piece because, as Vince Lombardi said, `Fatigue makes cowards of us all.'"

The energy level was high for the second offense, facing the second defense, to start the scrimmage. Adrian Sullivan picked up 11 yards on the first play from scrimmage and Jamie Childers completed a 12-yard pass to Ronnie Moses to convert a third and long. Bucky Kennedy kept the chains moving with a 10-yard run and a pass interference call put the offense in scoring range. Sullivan reeled off a 14-yard run to the five and, on a busted play, Childers ran the ball for a four-yard score. Grant Claytonadded the extra point.

The defense stood firm on the next five series, forcing three-and-outs each time. Philip George had a pass breakup to end one drive, Jeffery Salley had 1.5 sacks to end another and, after a Derrick Frasier sack, Mike McClurebroke up a pass to end the first set of situations. During those three-and-outs, the coaches did a "sudden change" to get the field goal unit on the field quickly and Clayton responded with a 37-yard field goal.

The next 12 plays gave the offense one play to convert a third down. The first two, were third-and-15 with Cody Craig hitting Jamaul Boswell for 20 yards on the first play and Aramis Hillary connecting with Jeremy Height for a short pass which Height turned into an 18-yard gain. The defense won the third play as Chris Thomas' pressure forced an incomplete pass. The next two plays were third-and-three plays with Hillary hitting John Masley for five yards and quarterback Alex Ross calling his own number for a six-yard gain. The defense won the next three plays as Josh Norman made a tackle for no gain, Quinn Backus stopped Aaron Jones and Jamel Davis registered a sack. The offense won the next four. On a third-and-12, Ross hit Height on a swing pass with Height picking up some tough yards for a 17-yard gain. The next two plays were fourth-and-three with Zach Silverberg gaining five yards and Hillary just avoiding a sack with a 28-yard pass to Marcus Whitener. The final play saw Moon Edwardsmake a two-yard tackle for loss.

The next three series of plays had the offense backed up to its own three. The defense forced a four-and-out on the first drive. On the second drive, after losing two yards, Hillary hit Akeem Wesleyfor a 19-yard grab. The final drive was a three-and-out.

Coastal then worked on an overtime scenario. First, the second team defense forced the second team offense to kick a field goal, with Clayton connecting from 37 yards. The first offense thought it had scored on the first defense, but a penalty nullified the score. Another penalty put the offense in a third-and-25 situation. Hillary tried to find Matt Hazel in the endzone, but Norman broke-up the pass. On fourth-and-25, Tre Hendersonintercepted Hillary's desperation pass down the left sideline. The third offense, facing the third defense, only needed one play to score as Craig hit Masley for a 25-yard score.

The final three series had the Chants working on the two-minute drill. With Hillary leading the second offense, a bad snap had the second defense out of position with Boswell getting behind the secondary for a 65-yard score. Childers, working with the first unit and facing fourth-and-13, hit Hazel on a slant which turned into a 69-yard TD. Craig also had some success. Facing third-and-long, the redshirt freshman hit John Israelfor what looked to be a long TD, but the ball was blown dead for a 28-yard gain. The defense stiffened and forced a turnover on downs.


Rushing: Adrian Sullivan 2-25; Bucky Kennedy 2-14; Aaron Jones 6-6; Jamie Childers 3-8, TD; Marcus Whitener 3-4; Dushawn Davis 1-0; Cody Craig 3-5; Zach Silverberg 3-6; Alex Ross 1-6; Shaq Hilton 1- -2; Logan Hall 1-2; Jamaul Boswell1-5.

Passing: Aramis Hillary 6-12, 131 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT; Jamie Childers 2-2, 81 yds, 1 TD; Cody Craig 5-8, 84 yds, 1 TD; Logan Hall 0-3; Alex Ross1-2, 17 yds.

Receiving: Ronnie Moses 1-12; Bucky Kennedy 1-9; Jeremy Height 3-44; John Masley 2-30, TD; Jamaul Boswell 2-85, TD; Marcus Whitener 1-28; Chris Floyd 1-2; Akeem Wesley 1-19; Matt Hazel 2-74, TD; John Israel1-28.

Defense: Pernell Williams 2 tackles; Dexter Holman 2 tackles; Johnny Hartsfield 3 tackles; B.J. Jenkins 1 tackle; Dontavious Johnson 1 tackle; Lorenzo Boyles 3 tackles; Denzell Rice 3 tackles; Mike McClure 3 tackles, 1 PBU; Quinton Davis 1 tackle; Philip George 1 PBU; LaDarius Hawthorne 3 tackles, 2 PBU; Brian Harrison 1 tackle, 1 PBU; Jeffery Salley 3 TFL, FF; Jamel Davis 1 TFL, 2 sacks; Andrae Jacobs 1 tackle; Matt Johnson 1 tackle; Moon Edwards 2 tackles, 1 TFL; Derrick Frasier 2 tackles, 1 sack; Marcus Lott 1 tackle; Quinn Backus 1 tackle; Tre Henderson 1 tackle, 1 INT; Terrence Jenerette 1 tackle; Desmond Steward 2 tackles; Chris Thomas 1 tackle; Chad McField 1 sack; Chris Carter 1 PBU.



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