Myrtle Beach Sun News' Story on Mark Singleton

The Conway native spent four years in the Marines and is now on the CCU football team


Mark Singleton

Aug. 17, 2012

MYRTLE BEACH SUN NEWS' RYAN YOUNG - It's just past 9:30 p.m. Tuesday as Mark Singleton greets a visitor outside the crisp, white one-story house on the west side of town that he and his wife moved into about a month and a half ago.

Their 9-month-old boxer Achilles darts to the porch to welcome the company as well, and inside, the home is neatly decorated to complete the idyllic Rockwellian portrait the young couple have created.

Mark and Hollie met in high school, about eight years ago, and have been married for almost three. She works for an orthodontist in downtown Conway and he ... well, more about that in a minute.

Read the complete Sun News article here: From military veteran to college football rookie, Singleton looks to settle in at CCU



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