Coastal Carolina Football Wraps Week One

Coastal will have its first scripted scrimmage this weekend


Zach Silverberg

Aug. 8, 2013

CONWAY - The Coastal Carolina football team is one week into the 2013 preseason and feeling good about where they stand as a program to this point.

Head Coach Joe Moglia:
"I am relatively pleased with where are and I do think the younger guys are coming along. I feel since our veteran guys have a year under their belts, we are working from a stronger base now as opposed to a year ago at this point.

"We are working hard, but we are still making too many silly mistakes and fundamental errors. We have to clean that up if we expect to be where we want to be.

"We did not have as much contact in the first week so it is difficult at this time to say who is playing well and who isn't. We will have contact and live situations Saturday. After that, we will have a better feel."

Offensive Coordinator Dave Patenaude:
"I think we are significantly advanced in what we know (in terms of the playbook). If we stay healthy we should once again be a good unit. Across the board, we have made a lot of improvements. We are able to a lot more things (schematically) a lot earlier in camp because our guys know a lot more. I think we have good depth and we can be very multiple in our formations and personnel groupings.

"DeMario Bennett, Matt Hazel, Alex Ross and Lorenzo Taliaferro are all going to be really good. We have had good development and depth in our tailbacks, namely Zach Silverberg. Both of the young quarterbacks, Michael Church and Dalton Demos, are both showing some good signs. Brian Kass brings great leadership and senior savvy to the quarterback position. Up front, Kevin Hart has stepped up at center. He added strength, has a lot more confidence and is doing a good job being a leader."

All-Big South Offensive Lineman Chad Hamilton:
"We are binding as a unit and as a team. You can see the offense is really starting to come together and move the ball.

"Having one year under my belt makes it easier to build on what I already know. Coach Moglia has talked about compounding, which is to say you have a base and you continually keep building on that. Also, with me being a year in, I can help the younger guys so the whole team moves forward.

"I have been impressed with our defensive line in our drills against each other. We are really pushing each other every day. In particular, Jeffery Salley and Dominique Whiteside are two guys to really watch for this season. They have a lot of fight in them and the rest of the d-line are following their examples. I'm just glad to have them on my side come game day."



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