Coastal Carolina Concludes Spring Practices


April 6, 2018

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CONWAY - Coastal Carolina concluded its spring practices with its annual Spring Game Friday night at Brooks Stadium. The two hour session included various formats, including two live sessions that featured the first and second offensive units against the first and second defensive units.

"The Spring Game is hard to evaluate, but we know what we need to work on. We played a lot of people tonight. Everyone on the field had an opportunity to play, even multiple plays, so I feel good about that. One problem we had was too many penalties, but we'll get those things addressed. Overall though it's a good start for this team," said head coach Joe Moglia.

The night began with player warm-ups and individual position drills. Coach Moglia then addressed the crowd at Brooks Stadium, welcoming the newest additions to the coaching staff and explaining the format for the night.

Special Teams/Situational
The kickoff coverage unit then took the field, sending a pair of kicks down the field. Following that was the offense's "coming out simulation" in which the offense started with the ball near its own goal line and attempted to advance forward.

Strike Mode
The Spring Game then shifted to "Strike Mode" which featured the offense starting at the defense's 35-yard line and marching in. The first offense had two chances against the first defense, and the second offense had a pair of chances against the second defense.

Kilton Anderson led the first drive, taking the offense inside the 10-yard line before stalling at the two. That set up a 27-yard field goal make by Myles Prosser. The second unit, helmed by Chance Thrasher, took the field and scored a touchdown on a 17-yard rush by Torrance Marable. The first unit, with Bryce Carpenter under center, returned to the field, but its drive was ended by a Fitz Wattley interception. The final drive with the two's also resulted in a turnover, as quarterback Austin Bradley fumbled on the opening play.

Live Scrimmage
The final portion of the night featured a live scrimmage. Once again it was the first and second units matched against each other, this time with the offense starting its drives on its own 35.

The first unit with Anderson moved into the defensive end thanks to passes of 23 and 16 yards to Kendrick Lowery and Larry Collins Jr., respectively. The drive stalled, however, resulting in a 35-yard field goal by Massimo Biscardi.

The seconds took the field with Thrasher under center, and again moved into the defense's end of the field. The offense managed to convert a 4th and 2 attempt, but the defense eventually halted the drive. A 45-yard field goal attempt by Luis Ferreira missed wide.

Carpenter took the field with the first unit, and provided the first touchdown of the live scrimmage. The drive was highlighted by a 15-yard pass from Carpenter to Lowery, and a 23-yard rush by Alex James. Carpenter finished the drive with a six-yard scamper to the end zone.

The seconds closed the night with Bradley leading the offense. The offense's first drive ended at its own 46, but with a second drive was able to punch it in on a 13-yard TD run by Anthony McAfee.

Spring Recap
The coaching staff singled out a few players on each side of the ball that have performed well during the 15 spring practices.

Offensively, true freshman quarterback Bryce Carpenter has shown some positive signs as practices have progressed. Presbyterian transfer running back Torrance Marable has been a pleasant surprise and Marcus Outlow has had a really good spring. On the offensive line, right guard Brock Hoffman has been a steady presence, but there have had too many of the offensive linemen in red jerseys (injured) to get a real feel for the unit. Wide receivers Larry Collins Jr., and Jeremiah Miller have taken their games to a higher level. Defensively, end Tarron Jackson and tackle C.J. Brewer have stood out. Linebacker James Heft, who played well in the games Shane Johnson missed last fall, has really stepped up this spring. In the secondary safety Fitz Wattley and corner Preston Carey have made a lot of plays.

Like the offensive line, established players like Silas Kelly and Ja'ree Tolbert on defense have battled injuries. However, the positive coming out of these players being limited is that a lot of younger players have gotten valuable time on the field.

05 | Austin Bradley -- 3-4, 34 yards (5 yards rushing)
10 | Kilton Anderson -- 3-7, 46 yards (14 yards rushing)
12 | Bryce Carpenter -- 1-3, 16 yards, 1 INT (28 yards rushing, 1 TD)
15 | Chance Thrasher -- 1-2, 1 yard (21 yards rushing)

Running Backs
21 | Marcus Outlow -- 9 rushes, 25 yards
22 | Alex James -- 10 rushes, 93 yards, 1 catch, 6 yards
25 | Anthony McAfee -- Four rushes, 16 yards, 1 TD
28 | Jacqez Hairston -- 11 rushes, 53 yards, 1 catch, 1 yard
30 | Torrance Marable -- 3 rushes, 22 yards, 1 TD
31 | Baden Pinson -- 2 rushes, 11 yards

12 | Kendrick Lowery -- 2 catches, 40 yards
83 | Larry Collins Jr. -- 1 catch, 16 yards
86 | Tre' High -- 1 catch, 23 yards
89 | Gianni Montgomery -- 1 catch 10 yards

07| Mallory Claybourne -- 2 tackles
10 | Jave Brown -- 3 tackles
13| Chandler Kryst -- 2 tackles, PBU
14 | Preston Carey -- 1 tackle, PBU
15 | Johnathan Smith -- Fumble recovery
15 | Jonathan Smith -- 2 tackles, Fumble Recovery
16 | Cam Jackson -- 1 tackle
17 | Anthony Chesley -- 3 tackles, Sack (-5)
20 | Fitz Wattley -- 4 tackles, INT
23 | Teddy Gallagher -- 3 tackles
25 | Laqavious Paul -- 4 tackles
28 | Tim Marshall -- 1 tackle
30 | Vontravious Lee -- 1 tackle
34 | Jaiden Clayton -- 2 tackles
35 | Brayden Matts -- 2 tackles
36 | Derambez Drinkard -- 1 tackle, Sack (-5)
38 | Eriziah "Tank" Walker -- 3 tackles
40 | Michael Makins -- 2 tackles
44 | E.J. Porter -- 2 tackles
45 | Chris Evans -- 1 tackle
49 | James Heft -- 4 tackles
52 | C.J. Brewer -- 6 tackles
90 | Wallace Cowins -- 2 tackles
92 | Jalin Walker -- 2 tackles
93 |Ja'ree Tolbert -- 2 tackles
94 | Jeffrey Gunter -- 2 tackles
95 | Myles Olufemi -- 2 tackles
97 | Tarron Jackson -- 2 tackles
99 | Jonathan Clayton -- 6 tackles



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