Coastal Football Jamey Chadwell Introductory Press Conference


Jan. 10, 2017

Coastal Carolina Football Press Conference
Introduction of Associate Head Football Coach/Offensive Coordinator Jamey Chadwell
January 10, 2017

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Joe Moglia
Coastal Carolina
Head Football Coach

"As the head coach, I have got to bring in the right people that are going to work well with our student-athletes and represent Coastal Carolina. That is the number one priority. I cannot rush to fill a spot and make a good decision. With that in mind, I keep a portfolio of coaches in mind for every position that I keep in contact, so when Coach Patenaude got the job at Temple, the number one guy that I genuinely wanted was Jamey Chadwell. I have gotten to know Jamey personally over the last couple of years, I know the competitor he is and he has beaten us significantly in three of those four years. I'm not proud of that but it only improves the respect I already have for him."

"If I didn't have the right guy, I would wait until as long as it takes to fill the position. Jamey believes in our mission and in helping our student-athletes with life after football."

Jamey Chadwell
Coastal Carolina
Associate Head Football Coach/Offensive Coordinator

"It is an honor and privilege to be here representing Coastal Carolina. I have had a lot of respect for the program, outside looking in, for Coach Moglia and his staff with the accomplishments they have made over the last five years. To have the opportunity to be a part of this program and see how he runs the program, the Be A Man (B.A.M.) principles and Life After Football (L.A.F.). I too am passionate about those things and I want to be a part of. It was something that I had on my mind, that if I ever got the opportunity to work with someone like Coach Moglia, that I would to pray through to see if that would be best for me and my family."

"I am looking forward to being part of this community, this team and continuing the traditions that have been laid forth both before Coach Moglia and over the last several years with the winning ways."



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