Coastal Carolina vs Furman Postgame Quotes


Sept. 3, 2011

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Coastal Carolina vs Furman
Sept. 3, 2011
Brooks Stadium - Benton Field
Conway, S.C.
Post-game Quotes

Coastal Carolina Head Coach David Bennett
Opening Statement: "Our offensive line, man, you look at them coming off the line and all I kept thinking to myself was that we need to run more sprints. We have to be in better shape. You get out there and compete and go hard. We want to be great for our university, our community and our fans. We want to be great for everybody."

On the last drive: "I am very proud of these young men. Our young men did a great job moving that ball down the field. We were going to settle for a field goal. We didn't want to throw a pass for an interception. And you noticed right there, we popped that thing right in for a touchdown."

On Hillary and Childers: "By us alternating the two of them, it gave us the advantage, I think, in the end. Furman ran that horse an awful that. They are pretty talented. If you look back on it, they might have spelled him a little bit with the code earlier; he might not have had to go out. Both teams have two good quarterbacks. And so, that worked to our advantage. The two quarterback system tonight."

Aramis Hillary

On the last drive: "Our O-Line did a great job on that series. They were amazing. They've been keeping me up. We do a lot together and I'm glad they can come through for us and we can depend on them. I got to give all the praise to those guys. They did a great job on that last drive. Knowing they were tired and in the fourth quarter, knowing they can still go down there and bang it out, we can get a touchdown and be victorious at the end.

"On the missed field goal we were kind of down but Coach Bennett does a great job of instilling in us to keep our brother up. Never let your brother down. We took it upon ourselves, as the offense, and everyone came together and did a great job banging it down the field."

Furman Head Coach Bruce Fowler

On halftime adjustments: "Well, I thought we moved the ball pretty good in the first half too, the possessions were really limited. They held the ball the great majority of the first half and that was a problem for us all night long. They did a good job of controlling the ball. We had some big plays and they got called back early in the second half and we over came that a couple times, but you know I just wish we could have got a few more possessions. We kept doing the same things. Chris made some plays, scramble plays and things, some off the option, and some off quarter back keep plays and he made some key passes and executed a two minute drive at the end of the half. We had a little momentum and just didn't stop the run well enough. I don't think we really made a whole lot of changes at halftime. I thought we came out and got some things going and I think they got tired for awhile and we got a little momentum and they did a good job of fighting back."

On the late turnover in the fourth quarter: "The turnover was a big play you got Tyler working his tail off to get an extra yard or two out of it and that happens sometimes. They got the ball and drove it down the field and they missed the easier field goal, which was a break for us and then that's when we got the penalty I think on roughing the return guy and they got the ball back on mid field and that made a difference, but they drove the ball there at the end and just couldn't get the stop."



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