FOOTBALL: Postgame Quotes vs N.C. A&T


Sept. 1, 2012

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Coastal Carolina head coach Joe Moglia

Opening Statement:

"It is such an honor for me to be in this position at Coastal, to be a part of this organization, this university, and to lead this team out of the tunnel. I very much feel the responsibility that I, this staff and this team have on our shoulders. We said our very first meeting we had one objective... to make the community of Coastal Carolina proud. We know that means that you have to win but it also means you have work as hard as you can and not take any snaps off. I know after we look at the film there are going to be things we need to improve upon. But at the end of the day it was our first win together, my first win as part of this university and I'm excited, I'm jacked up, I'm elated.

Your defense played well in the red zone, holding them to a field goal and not six:

"The defense came up with some great plays. Three points instead of six points was a big deal. We had some interceptions when they had drives going. The reality is we gave up big plays, we made errors we shouldn't have made. We had our first safety at Coastal since 2006, that was important at that particular part of the game. We had a lot of gang tackles, a lot of good things but there are definitely things we need to improve on."

How important was it for you momentum to get that touchdown to start the second half:

"That was critical. We talked about it prior to the game, we might have a breakdown and there might be a big play which happened at the end of the first half. When we got together at half-time the first thing we did was make adjustments and reminded the guys that there were going to be some mistakes. Let's get back, get focused and eliminate those mistakes."

Put into words your emotions after you first career win?

"It really is an emotional thing for me and I feel that responsibility on my shoulder to deliver for this university."

North Carolina A&T head coach Rod Broadway

Opening Statement:

"We had way too many mistakes to beat a good football team. The turnovers, the safety, the penalties. We just made way too many mistakes to beat a good football team. You have to give them credit. They played well. They did some things that hurt us too. Mostly we just focus on us and we didn't do the things that we needed to do to win the football game. Eventually we're going to get on a level playing field. We're going to get our scholarships and our practice time back and we're going to get on a level playing field. I'm tired of playing the behind the eight-ball all the time, but eventually we're going to get our stuff back and hopefully we can get this thing turned around. This was a game that we had an opportunity to win and just weren't quite good enough. That's the bottom line. Hopefully we can take it, grow from it and get better."

On the effectiveness of Coastal's short passing game:

"Missed tackles became big for us. Late in the ball game they just wore us down. Again, it comes down to numbers. If you look at the first quarter and the fourth quarter, they just wore us down we started missing tackles, we were a step slow on a lot of things. We just weren't as sharp because we just don't have the numbers right now to compete with people like this."



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