Gary Gilmore Talks About Playing South Carolina in 2014 and '15


Head coach Gary Gilmore

Oct. 31, 2012

Head Baseball Coach Gary Gilmore’s Response to Playing South Carolina in the Regular Season Starting in 2014 and '15

A little bit of news today, you guys have a home and home series in a couple of years with South Carolina. How exciting is this news for you?
Gary Gilmore: I think it’s a great moment for Coastal, for our university. It’s a huge one for our baseball program to be able to get back in and compete with arguably, in the last few, years the best program in the country that is kind of right here in our back yard that we’ve been competing against. To be able to play a home and home with them is a great moment for me.

Obviously this is a long time coming, had you and Coach Tanner ever talked about this over the years?
Gary Gilmore: I mean we’ve talked about it for a long time. There were some obstacles in our way that he couldn’t make go away, and I couldn’t either. Now they are not in our way, and Chad and I had a great couple conversations and we’re hoping that, in the future, not to say that it’s going to happen but we are going to strive to play home and home down the road every year where it’s not alternating where we play at each others place every year. He was very receptive to that and hopefully by 2016 both of our schedules will be at a point where we can actually do that.

What changed in terms of those obstacles?
Gary Gilmore: I don’t know all of the things that were involved. All I was told was that it couldn’t happen at that point in time, so, whatever it was in not in our way anymore. Whatever it was is not a big deal. It’s just about moving forward and getting a chance to play. It’s a great thing for us. Probably, in all honesty, it’s a way bigger thing for us than it is for them. They are playing in the SEC, they’ve got enough tough people, but, for us to play that program, I’m a guy that’s got two degrees on my wall from that university so it’s a big part to me to be able to play South Carolina, and it is a program we are all trying to be to be very honest with you. It’s kind of the cycles of different things. For a few years, LSU was that program, there was Miami, there were some west coast teams, and the last three years it’s been South Carolina for the most part. They are up on that pedestal up there. They’ve set the benchmark for all of us. They have a classy program and do great things and it is an honor to get the chance to compete against them.

Not that you need many selling points down the road in recruiting, but is this just another thing that you can kind of add to the repertoire - that you’ve played the best every single year and now you can literally say you’re playing the team that’s won two of the last three national championships?
Gary Gilmore: Absolutely. The chance to play the best is something that we really try to sell out on the road to our recruits and things. I know what Ray did with that group of young men and what Chad I’m sure will do as well, will be a great challenge for us. I’ve already looked at our mid-week schedule in 14 (2014) and I don’t know, I may not be coaching here in 15 (2015). I think we have South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, NC State, Elon, Wake Forest. Whoever is making that schedule out needs it’s head examined, so throwing South Carolina in there just makes it that much worse. It will be fun for us. We feel like we are in the mix in that top 25, and we need this challenge. You can’t say you are a top 25 program if you don’t play those people and we have to have the opportunity. Those guys have to give us that opportunity. It’s great that we have finally been able to do that. To play Clemson and South Carolina, College of Charleston, Citadel, Furman, and some of the great programs in our state that aren’t in our conference is a great challenge for us.



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