The Chanticleer Athletic Foundation provides financial assistance for Coastal Carolina University Athletic Department needs, while generating interest in building a comprehensive and competitive Division I athletic program. The Chanticleer Athletic Foundation's goals are consistent with the policies of Coastal Carolina University, the University Athletic Department, the NCAA, and any conference the University is affiliated with.

Without the Chanticleer Athletic Foundation, each year more than 425 student athletes would be denied the opportunity to pursue their dreams of achievement--in the classroom, on the playing surface, and as young men and women beginning their adult lives.

Whether you have been a longtime supporter of Coastal Carolina University Athletics, or you have not returned to the Conway/Myrtle Beach area since graduation, it is truly the right time to step forward in support of Coastal Carolina University Athletics. Celebrating conference championships, individual student-athlete accolades, sold out stadiums, and national name recognition were just part of what made this past year successful.

Performance in the classroom was also a major feather in the cap for our Chanticleers this past year, as our student-athletes posted outstanding overall GPAs. A portion of Chanticleer Athletic Foundation funds raised each year goes toward promoting academic excellence.

If you are not already a member of our team, learn more about us from this Web site and complete the CAF Membership Application today. For more information call the Chanticleer Athletic Foundation at 843-349-6670. For ticket information call the athletic ticket office at 1-877-4-CHANTS!

Letter from Executive Director Chris Johnson

Community engagement has been the cornerstone of Coastal Carolina University since its founding in 1954. The success of Chanticleer Athletics has and continues to be reliant on the support of the community - as alumni, fans and friends.This year, the Chanticleer Athletic Foundation has provided support for more than 425 student-athletes on their path toward excellence-in the classroom, on the playing fields, and in the community-and for the University to deliver on its promise to build "Champions for Life."

As the Chanticleer Athletic Foundation generates interest and builds support for a comprehensive and nationally competitive NCAA Division I program, it also provides student-athletes with scholarships and enhanced academic support, new and improved facilities for high level competition, and unique operational needs for all 18 men's and women's intercollegiate teams.

The Chanticleers are stronger than ever before, having recently earned national rankings and recognition, NCAA postseason appearances, conference championships, and All-America and All-Conference honors for athletic and academic accomplishments.But the work is far from over ifwe expect to build upon our successes.The Chanticleer Athletic Foundation seeks those who share the excitement of this success and who want to build a lasting legacy. Whether you are an alumnus, a new or longtime supporter of Chanticleer Athletics, or new to the University community, your support can and will make an immediate impact on the lives of our students.

If you are not already a member of our team, learn more about us from this website and complete the CAF Membership Application today. For more information about how you may become involved, please call the Chanticleer Athletic Foundation at 843-349-6670.

Chris Johnson
Executive Director
Chanticleer Athletic Foundation

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