Frequently Asked Questions



What are the requirements for becoming a Chanticleer cheerleader?
Please check out the Required Skills page.  Also, check out the Try-out Info page to learn about try-outs at Coastal Carolina University.

What type of squad does Coastal have?

The Coastal Carolina cheer program has two teams, a co-ed team consisting of both males and females and an all-girl team.  Both teams cheer at home football games, men's and women's home basketball games and participate in fundraising events and community service events.  The team also has representation in SAAC and freshman and transfer students must complete one semester of study hall.

Does CCU have a competitive cheer team?
YES! The Coastal Carolina University cheerleading team does compete.  Team competitions will be determined on a year to year basis by the head coach.  Previously, the all-girl team has competed at UCA Nationals and the co-ed team has competed at NCA Nationals.  

What if I can not make the April try-out date?
Video or DVD submissions are acceptable, but the coach must receive tapes/DVDs before the try-out date.  In the video, cheerleaders must show a cheer, a chant and a dance, as well as their stunting and tumbling ability.  
**APRIL try-outs: try-out forms MUST accompany video/DVD.
***If we decide to have Aug/Sept. try-outs: video submissions are not applicable.

Are freshmen eligible to try-out?

YES! Freshman are welcome to come to either the April or Aug./Sept. try-outs.  If the cheerleader is interested in the April try-outs, but unable to travel to Coastal Carolina, they may submit a video.  Incoming freshmen must be accepted to Coastal and submit a copy of their acceptance letter for the April try-out.  

What is the practice schedule?

The coach will set the practice schedule.  CCU cheerleaders are committed to classes first and cheerleading second.  Cheerleading should come before any other extracurricular activity and/or jobs.  
   - All members must attend practices and cardio and weight lifting sessions.
   - One practice a week will be tumbling at the local gymnastics facility and will be attended by ALL team members.
   - All cheer practices are two to three hours long.  All tumbling practices are 1.5 hours long.  In general, practices will    be in the afternoon/evenings with some practices being held at 6:00 a.m.

If I am still in high school and interested in cheering at Coastal, can I come visit practice and talk to members of the team?

YES! If you are still in high school and are interested in continuing your cheerleading career here at Coastal Carolina, please email Head Coach Appenzeller at  We would love to have you visit!

If I make the team in April, do I have to attend camp?

YES! All cheerleaders selected to the team in April must attend summer camp with their team.

What type of surface will I have to stunt and tumble on?

College cheerleading does NOT use spring floor.  At football games, we stunt and tumble on grass.  At basketball games, we stunt and tumble on the gym floor.  For competition, we stunt and tumble on dead mat cheer floor.  For try-outs, you will be required to show skills on the mat and gym floor.  If you are submitting a video for try-outs, please do not show tumble skills on a spring floor.