Midway Par 3

Midway Par 3

Midway Par 3 is great golf and spectacular scenery all rolled into one! Our 18 holes play to a true championship feel with a different situation on each tee box. You may tee off from a fairway bunker or even a pine straw/mulch lie. You can practice your alignment from a downhill lie. Learn to play a 7-iron when the shot calls for a pitching wedge. Perfect for entertainment or practice, Midway Par 3 is the perfect stop for a corporate or family tournament-style golf outing.

Cane Patch

Cane Patch Par 3 & Driving Range

With 18 immaculate par 3 holes, Cane Patch is the perfect stop for a round of golf day or night. Our Par 3 and Driving Range are lighted in-season, and the Driving Range offers a newly installed target green. Conveniently located on the north end of the Beach, our beautiful course welcomes everyone from families and couples to practicing pros.

Jurrasic Golf

Jurassic Golf

Dinosaurs RULE at Jurassic Golf! T-Rex and a cast of squawking, spitting reptiles see that your aim is true and your stroke is sure as you tackle these two prehistoric 18-hole miniature golf courses.

Dragon Lair

Dragon's Lair

Enter the Dragon's Lair and swing your way past a fire-breathing dragon or rampaging Vikings. All you need to challenge either of the medieval courses is a trusty putter and a little imagination.

Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari

Prepare for a jungle safari adventure! Putt through waterfalls and across streams on this challenging course. Swing your way around life-sized elephants, giraffes and other big game! Pith helmet optional!

Captain Hook

Captain Hook's

Take a fantasy golf adventure into Never-Never Land and challenge either of our two 18-hole courses filled with roving pirates, animated crocs, smoking skulls and secret caverns. The Captain dares you!

Shipwreck Island

Shipwreck Island

From an island marina, you and your mates are set for an excursion on the Sipper or the Captain courses. Sail clear of the streams, waterfalls, fish and whales or find your crew amongst the many lost at sea.

Shipwreck Island
Camp Bow Wow Myrtle Beach
305 Bush Drive
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

Camp Bow Wow Myrtle Beach

Camp Bow Wow is Myrtle Beach's Premier Doggy Day and Overnight Camp. We understand traveling is inevitable but there is no reason to leave your pups at home! Why should your dog miss out on vacation? We allow you to pull your dog from Camp during our open hours so you can take him to the beach and not miss out on family vacation time. Then you can drop him back off for the night while you and your family go out to dinner and feel guilt-free knowing your dog is in good hands!

Your pups reap the benefits of exercise and socialization while having lots of fun romping & playing with their canine friends. Your pup will "Play all day and snooze the night away." Rest assured knowing your Camper is well taken care of at all times whether you are gone for a day, over night or for an extended period of time. Your pet is a part of your family and we want them to be a part of ours too.

Your Camper Receives:
Lots of love and attention
Tons of exercise
Socialization with other dogs & people
Safe, clean and fun environment
Campfire Treats (TM)
Indoor/outdoor play areas
Supervised play time
Cabins for naps & overnight stays
Cozy cots with fleece blankets
Doggy Web Cams (Live Camper Cams)
Call us today to set up a free interview for your pup!