As of August 1, 2012

Coastal Carolina University will set the standard in the Sun Belt Conference and develop a reputation nationally for the exemplary sportsmanship demonstrated by our student-athletes, coaches, staff members and spectators. We expect everyone attending or competing in an event - at home or on the road - to display the highest standards of responsible sportsmanship toward student-athletes, coaching and support staff members, game officials, and among fans. It is important to remember, you are always a representative of the Coastal Carolina University Department of Athletics, both home and away, so do your part to make athletic events involving the Chanticleers safe, wholesome and enjoyable for all in attendance.

With the Sun Belt Conference and its member institutions, Coastal Carolina University is committed to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for all fans. When competing in or attending an athletic event, student-athletes and Department of Athletics personnel are required to refrain from the following:

• Behavior that is unruly, disruptive, or illegal in nature.
• Use of foul or abusive language, or obscene gestures.
• Interference with the progress of the event (including throwing objects onto the playing surface).
• Failure to follow instructions of event personnel.
• Verbal or physical harassment of participants, officials, fans or event personnel.

Event attendees are also responsible for their conduct. Event staff will promptly intervene to support an environment where fans can enjoy the event free from the above behavior. Event attendees that violate these provisions may be subject to ejection without refund and loss of ticket privileges for future events.

How the Department of Athletics Sportsmanship Statement is demonstrated

Administrators: It will be a priority that Coastal Carolina administrators create an environment of hospitality for Sun Belt Conference institutions and all visiting teams, while allowing Chanticleer sports programs to still enjoy a home-field or home-court advantage. Coastal Carolina administrators are committed to treating a visiting team and its fans in the same manner that they would want their teams to be treated.

Prior to the start of competition, the Director of Athletics or his or her designee will meet with the coach of the opposing team to welcome the coach to the institution, provide an opportunity for the coach to address any concerns, indicate the location of the game administrator in the arena or stadium, and identify security personnel present for the contest. The designated game administrator should confirm with security personnel that the visiting team is to be protected from abuse from the home crowd and that security is to be located in very close proximity to the visiting team's bench. Seating at Coastal Carolina spectator events will emphasize sportsmanship.

The Director of Athletics and all members of the Department of Athletics will seek to ensure that those who are employed by the University will treat opponents with fairness and respect.

Coaches: Coaches have the greatest amount of influence over whether the student-athletes in their programs are taught and follow the highest principles of sportsmanship. Coastal Carolina coaches will set the standard outlined in the Department of Athletics Sportsmanship Statement, disseminate the Statement to their team, and will reinforce that a demonstration of disrespect for opponents may result in removal from competition. This disciplinary measure serves to educate student-athletes about the importance of sportsmanship over participation and winning. Coastal Carolina is committed to teaching the highest standards of sportsmanship.

Coaches also have the ability to influence the behavior of their fans. Chanticleer coaches must take every opportunity when addressing the media, fan groups or other public forums to express the desire for fans to support their team and to treat the opposing team with respect.

Student-Athletes: Respect for the game in which the student-athlete participates also demands respect for the opponent. Student-athletes at Coastal Carolina University are expected to treat opponents with the highest standards of sportsmanship. There will be no tolerance for taunting and baiting of opponents.

Coastal Carolina student-athletes must understand that they are in many cases the most visible representatives of the University. Also, their behavior is observed and emulated by many who are younger. Chanticleer student-athletes must honor the responsibilities that accompany the privilege of representing Coastal Carolina University by behaving with dignity and class on and off the field.

Spirit Groups: Like our student-athletes, these groups are visible representatives of Coastal Carolina University. As such, we place high expectations on them for displaying the highest standards of sportsmanship. Cheerleaders, bands and other spirit groups, and the mascot are admitted to contests as integral leaders and participants in creating a fun atmosphere. However, they are not admitted in order to abuse or confront the opponent and such behavior will not be tolerated. Coastal Carolina spirit groups should focus on encouraging the Chanticleers and building positive fan support, while respecting the opposing team.

Fans: Coastal Carolina hopes and believes that the establishment of the principles outlined in this document will create a wholesome atmosphere that will attract more fans to Chanticleer athletic events. All fans will be reminded by the public address announcer of the expectation of respect and sportsmanship for the opposing team, officials and other fans.



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