Chanticleer Girls

The Chanticleer Girls are an integral part of Coastal Carolina University's spirit program. The Chanticleer Girls are the public face of CCU Spirit. Together with the Chanticleer Regiment Marching band and Teal Team the Chanticleer Girls provide a great game day experience. The CCU Chanticleer Girls have consistently portrayed an image of class, sophistication and cutting edge choreography that is befitting the greatness of Coastal Carolina University athletics. The Chanticleer Girls loyally support CCU Athletics at all home football games, men's and women's basketball games and all home baseball games as well as other sporting events. They also appear at numerous athletic fundraising, alumni, philanthropic and community events. The Chanticleer Girls are truly dance athletes with the mission of providing the best game day experience and showing our Chanticleer pride.

2018-19 Coastal Carolina Dance Team Tryouts

2018-19 Dance Team Tryout Application

Pre-Tryout Clinic - March 10, 2018 - 9 A.M.-Noon (HTC Center)
WHEN: April 28th and 29th You must attend both days of tryouts.
TIME: 9am - 2 pm
WHERE: Coastal Carolina University, HTC Center, basketball arena
MATERIAL: Will learn Pom, Jazz, and kick combos - as well as technical progressions.
WHO: Anyone who attends Coastal Carolina University, Incoming Freshman, and Transfer students.
WHAT TO BRING: Jazz shoes, sneakers, water bottle
WHAT TO WEAR: crop top and shorts, performance ready hair and makeup

The purpose of the tryout is to select a group who possess the best mastery of pom, jazz, hip hop and kick as well as to determine the best representatives for Coastal Carolina University. During the tryouts, a panel of coaches and specialists in the field of dance will make cuts until the final team is selected. The coaching staff strongly encourages a basic understanding of ballet and jazz technique. This will include proper body alignment and basic movement vocabulary in ballet and jazz.

The format of the tryout covers two mandatory days of tryouts, where skills and routines are taught. Day one will be technique, and learning the dances that will be performed in groups. Day two will be performing each dance along with a set of skills. You must attend both days of tryouts.

Required skills

    Center Technique:
  • Right, left, and center splits
  • Double and triple pirouettes on the right and left
  • Fouette combination
  • Leg hold turn on both right and left
  • Toe Touch
  • Special Skill (your skill of choice that is not on this list)
    Across the floor:
  • Split leaps right and left
  • Center leap right and left
  • Switch leaps right and left
  • Turning disk
  • Calypso right and left
  • A special skill of your choice will need to be presented on day two. This could be anything not asked to see during tryouts. Some examples may include acrobatics, different jumps, a series of turns, etc. A short interview with the head coach will also take place on Saturday.

Sample Schedule of Tryouts;
Numbers will be given out at the beginning of tryouts.
9:00-9:20: Information about the upcoming season will be presented & stretching
9:20-9:45: Learn Fight Song
9:50-10:15: Technique and across the floor.
10:20-11:05: Learn Game Day routine
11:10-12:00: Learn kick routine
12:00-1:00: Lunch Break
1:00-1:45: Learn jazz dance
1:45-2:00: Review all the dances and go over information for the next day.
2:00-4:00: One on one interview with the coach

9:00 - 9:10: Turn in tryout information.
9:10 - Final review session
9:30 - Tryouts begin
Dances will be presented to judges.
1st CUT
Perform in groups for the judges
The team will be announced **

**If you are selected for the team be prepared to stay to fill out paperwork, have a team photo taken and have measurements taken.


For Any questions please contact
Marla Sage

*If you cannot make tryouts in person, please contact me to make accommodations*

2018-19 Dance Team Tryout Application

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you practice and for how long?
The team will practices two-four times a week for 2 hours each practice as well as workouts 2 times a week.

What are the expectations for being on this team?
- Attendance at all practices
- Mandatory study hall
- Mandatory workouts with a CCU trainer
- Attendance at all football and basketball games (including all tournament games.)
- Attendance at assigned or requested appearances
- All fundraisers
- August 12 arrival for the fall semester
- Staying longer or coming back earlier at winter break

How many women are on the team?
We have a team of 15-18

Are practices mandatory?
All practices are mandatory. Being on the team is a full-time commitment. School first, Dance Team second.

Where do you perform?
We perform at all home football games, basketball games, baseball games, CCU rallies and events, guest appearances

Are there summer commitments?
Summer commitments include early arrival, summer practice, workouts, and work week starting with an August 12th move in day.

Are incoming freshmen allowed to tryout?
Yes, as long as you are admitted into the school. Please email a copy of your acceptance letter to the coach prior to April 26

What does Coastal Carolina require academically in order to be a part of the team?
Team members must complete at least 15 credits each semester and maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 or above.

When are tryouts?
2018-19 tryouts will be held April 28-29 2018.

What do I need to wear to tryouts?
Crop tops and dance shorts are required. We also expect everyone to look game-day ready. (Make-up, hair done nicely, etc.)

What elements are required at tryouts?
Everyone will be taught routines consisting of the following elements: pom, kick and jazz.. Technical skills must be performed individually. See the tryout form for more information.

Do you accept video tryouts?
We would prefer to see all potential team members in person but if the tryout dates conflict with prior commitments, we do allow a video tryout. Contact the Coach, Marla Sage at for all the necessary elements to be included in the video as well as a deadline.

Do you have a pre-tryout clinic?
Yes on Saturday March 10 from 9 a.m.-Noon at the HTC Center. This is a great time to come in and work on your skills on the arena floor before you are in front of judges. It is also a great time to ask questions you may have about the team or tryouts. No current dance team members will be present so it also is nice to feel like everyone there is on the same page with the same questions and concerns. The cost of the clinic is $20 due upon arrival and also includes your audition fee.

Are you competitive team?
No, we are a performance team for football, basketball AND baseball games as well as throughout campus and the community for University activities.

For more information on the Coastal Carolina Dance Team, email Marla Sage at



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