Weekly Surge's Article on Coastal Carolina Women's Athletics


Former Director of Athletics Walt Hambrick instructs the first women's basketball team during a game in1974.
Cari Rosiek remembers the Coastal Carolina University that used to be.

Rosiek, associate athletic director and senior administrator for women's athletics, came south in the mid-`90s to play softball for CCU. Back then, she recalled, the campus largely emptied out after 4 p.m. each day, and student athletes had to do their weight training in a cramped, highly unpleasant weight room slightly bigger than the office she currently occupies.

"There were maybe seven or eight buildings on campus," she said. "Parking was a breeze, and S.C. 544 was still only two lanes. A lot of the facilities on campus were pretty run down, and they still had bleacher seats in Kimbel."

Kimbel Arena, for the uninitiated, until very recently used to be the basketball and volleyball venue for CCU teams.

That, like just about everything else at the Conway campus, has changed in recent years. Changed a lot.

A campus that in Rosiek's undergraduate days was home to about 3,000 students now boasts a student body of close to 9,500. Parking on campus is a logistical challenge that demands almost military-level navigational skills. For nearly 10 years, CCU has had its own football team, started from the ground up.

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