CAF Member Spotlight (Feb. 2017) - The Gaskins


Feb. 9, 2017


Randy and Leigh Anne Gaskins
Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Owners of Plants Direct in Conway
Member since 2012, Season ticket holders since 2004

What year did you graduate from Coastal Carolina and what was your area of study?
Leigh Anne Gaskins (formally Leigh Anne Thompson) graduated in 1998 with a degree in Early Childhood Education.

What made you become a Chanticleer fan?
When the football team was established, we were invited by friends to attend a game. We loved the warm CCU family atmosphere of the University and immediately wanted to be more involved. We bought season tickets for multiple sports and tailgating became a welcomed event with family and friends. Each week, we plan our menus and our teal outfits. We look forward to the change of seasons as it brings us football, soccer and volleyball in the fall. Winter brings us basketball and right around the corner baseball is beginning while spring blooms. We wish we had more time to attend other athletic events such as softball, tennis, golf, lacrosse and track & field. However, being a member of the CAF we know we are supporting all the CCU athletic programs.

What makes you most proud of Coastal Carolina?
The growth of the campus and student body makes us proud. The staff support to students and, in turn, the success of the student body is crucial to keep Coastal moving forward. A key aspect of the University is just how diverse and welcoming it is in regards to students from other communities and countries.

What made you decide to start supporting the education of current Coastal Carolina student-athletes through the Chanticleer Athletic Foundation (CAF)?
We believe a student-athlete should see themselves not only as athletes with potential to succeed but also as students with potential to succeed. We believe the Chanticleer Athletic Foundation holds the promise of helping student-athletes succeed in higher education as well as athletics. Being a part of a group whose purpose is to enhance young lives was something in which we wanted to contribute. Over the past few years, we have witnessed student-athletes demonstrate leadership, responsibility, independence and commitment which are characteristics needed in life.

What advice would you give to other members of the Chanticleer family who are wondering what they can do to help the Chanticleer Athletic Foundation and Coastal Carolina athletics as a whole?
We would like other members of the Chanticleer family to know the commitment of the Chanticleer Athletic Foundation to upgrading and improving the student-athlete experience has been nothing short of remarkable. It is exciting to see and be part of the growth and upcoming chapters of CCU student-athletes. It's great to be serving the students in such an amazing place. We look forward to the future of both the CAF and CCU!



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