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Coastal Carolina Goes Through Mandatory NCAA Certification

CONWAY (Aug. 25, 2010) - The 2010-11 academic year is a significant one for the Coastal Carolina University and its Department of Athletics.

The University, for the third time, will be undergoing a mandated certification by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), which occurs on a 10-year cycle for all NCAA institutions and includes a year-and-a-half, internal self-study. The process for NCAA Division I certification entails an institutional self-study report which specifically covers the areas of (1) academic integrity, (2) governance and commitment to rules compliance and (3) commitment to gender equity and student-athlete well-being.

The self-study, led by University President Dr. David DeCenzo, will provide an opportunity to increase awareness of intercollegiate athletics campus-wide, to affirm the positive aspects of intercollegiate athletics and to resolve any issues or inequities of the athletics program that are identified during the self-study process. As part of the certification, the University will list goals and objectives with specific deadlines.

Once the University concludes its study, a three-person external team of reviewers assigned by the NCAA will conduct an evaluation on campus. The reviewers will report to the independent NCAA Division I Committee on Athletics Certification, which subsequently will determine the institution's certification status and publicly announce the decision.

To assist Dr. DeCenzo in the campus-wide, self study, John Vrooman, former CCU history professor and baseball coach, will chair the NCAA Certification Steering Committee.

"The study will focus on three major areas and will have committees for each," said CCU Executive Vice President Edgar Dyer. "Academic integrity will be chaired by Vrooman; commitment to rules compliance will be chaired by CCU Provost Rob Sheehan; and equity and student-athlete welfare will be co-chaired by former Chanticleer softball player and local business executive Sherry Johnson and CCU professor Jerome Christa."

In addition to the role the University and Department of Athletics will play in this study, the general student population, student-athletes, the people in the Conway/Myrtle Beach area and alumni will be asked to participate. Throughout the study, the University and Department of Athletics will make it known when public forums and public feedback, through media such as the internet and other means, will be welcomed.

Likewise, the committee's findings and conclusions will be made available for public consumption.

"This exercise is very valuable to both the University and Department of Athletics," said Hunter Yurachek, first-year Director of Athletics. "The University can use this time to get a better feel for the Department and how it fits within the mission of the University. Being involved in the day-to-day activities, one can get too familiar and maybe too comfortable with the way we conduct business. It will be great to get a different perspective on how we operate and what needs should be addressed. This exercise is great too because, ultimately, it benefits our student-athletes."

The NCAA is a voluntary organization devoted to the sound administration of intercollegiate athletics. Athletics certification has been administered by the NCAA from the time it was adopted at the 1993 NCAA Convention. The process is meant to ensure a fundamental commitment to integrity in intercollegiate athletics.

NCAA Recertification Roster


Edgar Dyer Coastal Carolina University Executive Vice President
David A. DeCenzo Coastal Carolina University President
Robert Sheehan Coastal Carolina University Provost
Hunter Yurachek Coastal Carolina University Director of Athletics
Bruce Gregory Associate Director of Athletics for Internal Operations
Cari Rosiek Associate Director of Athletics & Senior Woman Administrator
Daniel Bonifas Coastal Carolina University Student-Athlete
Sarah Maples Coastal Carolina University Student-Athlete
Larry Biddle Retired executive and member of the CCU Board of Trustees
John Vrooman, Chair Retired CCU faculty member, dean, coach and athletics director; chair of the board of Coastal Athletic Foundation
Dr. Sharon Thompson Professor/Coordinator of Health Promotion and NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative
Dr. Gib Darden Associate Dean/Director of Kinesiology, Recreation and Sport Studies
Sherry Johnson Business executive and former CCU Student-Athlete
Dr. Jerome Christia Associate Professor, Management, Marketing and Resort Tourism


John Vrooman, Chair Member of the Steering Committee
Larry Biddle Member of the Steering Committee
Marilyn Fore Vice President for Academic Affairs, Horry-Georgetown Technical College
Trisha O'Conner Editor, Myrtle Beach Sun News
Dr. Wade Baird DIdstinguished Professor Emeritus, Psychology/Sociology, retired
Dr. Steve Nagle Retired Faculty, College of Humanities
Rhett Graham Insurance executive; former CCU Student-Athlete and honor graduate
Dr. Doug Smith Associate Professor, Department of Foundations, Literacy and Technology
Dr. Linda Kuykendall Senior Instructor, Communication
Dr. Joseph Winslow Chair/Associate Professor, Department of Foundations, Literacy and Technology


Robert Sheehan, Chair Member of the Steering Committee
Hunter Yurachek Member of the Steering Committee
Bruce Gregory Member of the Steering Committee
Sharon Thompson Member of the Steering Committee
Gibson Darden Member of the Steering Committee
Dr. Daniel Selwa Professor Emeritus, Politics and Geography; former coach and athletic director
Robert Squatriglia Emeritus Vice President for Student Affairs
Dr. Yoav Wachsman Associate Professor/Assistant International Programs Liaison, Accounting, Finance and Economics
Cathy Jones Assistant Professor, Department of Early, Elementary, Physical & Special Education
Dr. John Stamey Chair/Associate Professor, Computer Science and Information Systems
Dr. Chyrel Ward Director, Center for Archaeology and Athropology/Associate Professor, History
Robert Shelton Attorney and board chair of CCU Alumni Association


Sherry Johnson, Co-Chair Member of the Steering Committee
Jerome Christia, Co-Chair Member of the Steering Committee
Cari Rosiek Member of the Steering Committee
Daniel Bonifas Member of the Steering Committee
Sarah Maples Member of the Steering Committee
Natasha Hanna Attorney, CCU alumna and member of the CCU Board of Trustees
Robin Edwards-Russell Associate Professor/Host, Coastal Today Theatre
Dr. Colleen McGlone Assistant Professor, Recreation and Sport Management
Dr. Linda Henderson Associate Professor, Accounting, Finance and Economics
Delan Stevens Insurance executive and former CCU Student-Athlete
Ebony Bowden Coordinator of Diversity Programs



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